Video: Jets Fan Victim of “Officer Krupke” Police Brutality, as Chargers Fans Show Class

This HD quality  video from the Jets/Chargers playoff shows ridiculous brutality inflicted against a guy just doing normal visiting team jumping up and down shouting “Jets” as he spins euphorically in circles.  I disagree with some it was because the guy was a Jets fan.  (I’ve seen Chargers fans who were less culpable than Raiders fans hassled by cops.  Just the usual cops liking to play at being Army Rangers without the brains, the training or the mission.  

Some commenters on other sites tried to defend the cops,  saying there were cuts in the video (the usual apologist defense).  The best evidence, is after this pathetic loss, which  could easily have induced psychotic effects in long-time Charger s fans, the Charger fans didn’t cheer the jets fan’s mistreatment by these gangsta looking cops.  A couple of Chargers fans took the cops on, and the rest of the fans were quiet, and in many cases seemed to be looking on in shock and horror.

Really nauseating were that the Officer Krupke’s in this very west coast story, are sporting some really scary combat-cop hairdos.

I’ve been to about 20 Charger home games.  If this guy had been doing anything untoward–anything much beyond what’s shown in the video, he wouldn’t have gotten the defense of the Chargers fans–including a guy willing to be arrested himself to tell the cops the Jets guy had done nothing.  But most of all, the fans would have  cheered the arrest. But they just stood there, looking stunned.  (Admittedly they might have been in a catatonic state after the  Chargers performance).  What a sad ending to another frustrating Chargers season.

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