Corrupt, Evidence Manufacturing Colorado District Judges Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair Should Not be Retained in November

Larimer County District Court Judges Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair are the first sitting judges in over 30 years who have been publicly rebuked by the Colorado Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation.  They are up for a Retain or No-Retain vote this November.  Back in 1999, when these two were (what else could a judge have been) persecutors–I mean District Attorneys–prosecuting the case of Tim Masters, they not only willfully withheld critical evidence that pointed to Masters’ obvious innocence, they manufactured evidence of their own.  They also suborned perjury from a key police witness.

These blatantly unethical activities by judges  Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair  directly resulted in Masters being wrongfully convicted of murder.  He spent 10 years in prison because of it. Tim Masters won a new trial and DNA evidence proved him innocent.  These persecutors were then promoted to judgeships, responsible for the fair handling of felony cases.  Phony tough law and order idiots like these two don’t help law and order, and the real killer still runs loose because of them.

Legal scum such as Colorado Judges Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair who’ve demonstrated no remorse for their manufacture of  evidence and subornation of  perjury,  cannot possibly be trusted to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice.  In fact, they are arguing in a civil suit brough by Masters that as prosecutors they were immune from liability even if they did manufacture it.  Huh?  Sounds like something’s gotta give.

Judges Blair and Gilmore are nothing less than the Mike Nyfongs of the Rockies. Unfortunately, Colorado’s system of legal discipline is notoriously weak.  Just like Nyfong, these two should have been disbarred.  But for Colorado, a public reproval is what happens when someone ought to be disbarred–it speaks volumes about their misconduct.

Another weak link in the chain of Colorado’s criminal justice system is the Commission on Judicial Performance, which meticulously rates judges  on a huge variety of issues, drawing on questionnaires from attorneys, litigants, jurors, and even judicial staff in deciding whether to recommend a retention or not.  Rarely do they recommend a no-retention to the public.  But so what, the public is free to get its information from other sources, like the stalwart reporting done by Larimer County’s local newspaper, The Coloradoan.

I spoke a while back with the head of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Performance, and unfortunately the scope of their recommendation does not include conduct committed before they were appointed to the bench–even if that misconduct may still be an ongoing problem and the disciplined judges while on the bench, have made no apologies for their misconduct.  Quite the contrary, they provided alibi after alibi, just like a scumbag criminal would, to defend their indefensible actions.

Lack of remorse generally causes judges to sentence defendants to the max. Yet  hypocrite judges Gilmore and Blair think they deserve life tenure in jobs that they are ethically unqualified to hold.  A complete compendium of the Coloradoan’s news articles of the saga of this innocent man and what followed, is contained here.

9 responses to “Corrupt, Evidence Manufacturing Colorado District Judges Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair Should Not be Retained in November

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  2. Tim Masters will never get back 9 1/2 yrs. of his life. We shouldn’t allow these two criminals to do that to anyone else. Also, my husband & I will be at the courthouse when Broderick is arraigned 9/28.

  3. These two corrupt judges should be voted out of office and disbarred from the justice system altogether. They should have to spend time in Canyon City just as the wrongly convicted Masters did!! Get rid of the judicial garbage in our courts!!!!!

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  5. they were voted out of office – COOL~!

    • Cool is right. Now the lying scumbag detective from Ft. Collins PD is still collecting taxpayer bucks, while being prosecuted for his misconduct. This would be Jim Broderick. Ironicallly, he’s crying about allegedly non-disclosed evidence. How many of us would be in our jobs in this situation?

  6. Working on my book; anyone know the religious affiliation of these two?

    • My guess is that they are pawns of Satan. Tell us more about your book, Mike. Scum like these two are mere examples of what goes on all across the country in the criminal justice system, but DAs are virtually immune from state bar discipline. Everyone thinks what happened to Mike Nyfong in the Duke Lacrosse case is typical – but the opposite is the case. The country is loaded with Mike Nyfongs who skate free.

  7. I am working on a book concerned with the dangers to liberty by those who think they are guided by God. Maybe hear a voice inside their head they attribute to God. Have a “gut instinct” they think is God helping them. Think God has given them a directive to help enforce his morals. Talk to God for advice in making public policy.
    Greene (Denver Post) once commented, “Broderick …once cried when describing to The Post his religious faith and how God has a role in helping him crack cases.”
    Looking for similar evidence against the prosecutors involved?

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