Puppycide in Colorado: Cop Shoots Family Dog in Fenced Yard, as Supervisor Defends the Killing Prior to Investigation

A Commerce City,  Colorado cop shot a family pet after an accidental 911 call that the family told dispatchers was a mistake in programming their phone. The officer was called off of the dispatch call, but showed up neverthelsess.  Then, when confronted by allegedly “vicious” dogs,  she shot Zoey.  The family had no reason to believe police would show up, otherwise they would have brought their dogs in the house.  The family was sitting in their fenced front yard with the dog, and the officer opened the gate and walked onto their property without permission or any advance warning.

Family pet lies dead because of gun crazed LEO

As usual, we the people who pay their salaries and fat pension plans never get told the name of the perpetrator when the perpetrator is a cop.  Had the perpetrator been a non-governmental employee, we would know the individual’s name immediately.

The police spokesperson defended Ms. Cop’s action, though no investigation has yet been conducted.  When has a police department spokesperson ever not immediately defended a cop’s actions?  Yet he has the gall to condescend to the public he works for, telling citizens not to jump to conclusions, even though that is exactly what he just did.  This public servant would not even disclose how long the officer had been with the department. Yet he claims the dog was large and vicious.  In fact, the dog was only 35 pounds and not vicious.

Zoey, a mixed breed,  was not the only victim of the shoot first, ask questions later cop attack.  “I just saw my dog die right in front of me,” 13-year-old Maria Agazio said. “My dog was lying on the ground twitching.” The two  other family dogs were even smaller than Zoe.  Virtually every dog will bark in her front yard when a stranger approaches at night.  Aren’t the cops in Commerce City, Colorado taught this?  Is officer anonymous one of the unneeded cop jobs saved by government  union-dependent Barack Obama?

The incident garnered national attention by Reason magazine editor Radley Balko.  As he pointed out in his blog, The Agitator, Balko noted:  “I’ve made this point before, but how is it that this “vicious” dog never bit or attacked a mailman, a deliver man, or a meter reader?”  How indeed.  But cop administrator Chris Dickey wants to blame the public for having the nerve to blame the cop.  Even though the officer had pepper spray, she chose to use her gun, the first time she’d ever fired it on duty.

Dickey defends her choice to not back away or use the pepper spray claiming, “our safety comes first.  Wrong, Dickey boy.  Our safety comes first.  You work for us and your stupid dispatcher failed to advise the family a cop was still on her way.  This reminds me of the idiot law enforcement all dressed up and sitting outside Columbine High as the carnage ensued inside the school.  We’re told these brave officers, all dressed up and standing around doing zilch, put their lives on the line, but Dickey tells the truth: “Officer safety, no matter how imaginary or delusional, comes before the safety of the public.  We need to demand that cops be hired with college degrees.  Our safety should not depend on poorly trained high school graduates, particularly when these days, the teachers’ unions have ensured that a high school degree is equivalent to a sixth grade education 25 years ago.

I tried to contact the Commerce City, Colorado Police today.  They are closed on Sundays, except for 911 calls.  I decided that route seemed a tad dangerous.

2 responses to “Puppycide in Colorado: Cop Shoots Family Dog in Fenced Yard, as Supervisor Defends the Killing Prior to Investigation

  1. Just a thought. Have you seen what liberal college professors are teaching these days.
    I would not feel safe with a cop with a degree.
    Next thing you know we would all be in jail for not being green enough or driving a legal car.

    • Laura Victoria

      Kent- thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I agree with you. I use the high school grad meme as a way of illustrating to certain conservatives that they are hypocritical to exempt police union employees from the strict scrutiny they apply to the teachers unions, SEIU, etc.

      And I am well aware about what “teaching” goes on these days, so I don’t think a BA will be the needed panacea; elimination of all government unions is what I believe is necessary. Then, we need to get rid of the doctrine of “qualified immunity” that turns the old rule of “ignorance of the law is no excuse” on its head. Government employees, including police, are exempt from law violations unless clear court precedent exists, and I mean really, really, clear, that their conduct is unlawful.

      I also wanted to point out by my snarky comment, that these high school grads are generally paid a great deal–they start at around $50k in Colorado–as much as a DA.

      But the whole Puppycide issue is one I’m about to write more about. With all the excitement today over the false rumors about the Chief, I can barely contain my delight that we won’t be seeing Deval Patrick on the high court in the next couple of months.

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