North Carolina Police Chief Accused of Declaring Martial Law Because of Weather

Reports in North Carolina claim the Police Chief of King, North Carolina, declared what amounts to a state of Martial Law based on a relatively mild snow storm. Curfews, bans on alcohol sales, driving restrictions, and bans on the carrying of firearms were included in this unprecedented restriction on civil liberties.

King County Police Chief may claims she’s received hundreds of threats related to the restrictions, which banned driving from 12 a.m. Sunday to 5 a.m.

“The state of emergency for King was declared by members of the City Council …

” Under North Carolina law, May said, when a state of emergency is put into place that includes a ban on driving, the sale of alcohol and carrying of firearms in vehicles is also banned.”

Carolina Politics Online called for the State Attorney General to investigate the power grab that has caused an uproar among citizens.

We will be contacting those involved and report back with an update on this blog as soon as possible.

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