Ex Kobe DA Mark Hurlbert and Republican Tim Leonard Square off Tonight at Colo. State Senate Candidates Forum

Mark Hurlbert will take his first questions to date in a head-to-head forum against Evergreen businessman Tim Leonard.  The two are competing in the Republican Colorado 16th State Senate district race.  Democrat incumbent Dan Gibbs announced late last year that he would not run for re-election, leaving the seat open and vulnerable to a Republican party anxious to retake the Colorado legislature and to reverse the 21-14 advantage currently held by the Democrats in the senate.

The forum, slated for tonight in Evergreen, is sponsored by the Mountain Republican Women’s Club, a long-standing and effective grassroots conservative organization.  First to enter the race, Tim Leonard has been upfront on the issues as a conservative/libertarian, who holds an MBA in real estate finance from the University of Denver.  Leonard’s website lays out in detail his views on the issues including his support for Clear the Bench Colorado and his signing the candidate pledge for the Colorado Taxpayers Union.

To say his opponent, 5th District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, has been reticent about what he believes on unemployment, taxes and spending would be gross understatement.  His website doesn’t even have an “Issues” tab, and what is known about him shows him to be a RINO who has spent his entire adult life as a government lawyer.

In the 43 days and counting since Hurlbert announced his candidacy, he has faced no press questions, and has labeled himself, with the assistance of GOP boss Dick Wadhams, as the “Green Republican.”  Hurlbert no doubt will have to answer what the heck that means, as well as other tough questions tonight.   Mouthing platitudes such as “small, efficient government” won’t cut it with this tough crowd.  After all, we hear Robert Gibbs make these claims every day about Barack Obama.  That’s why I’ve named him Hurlbert Hurlritter.

One response to “Ex Kobe DA Mark Hurlbert and Republican Tim Leonard Square off Tonight at Colo. State Senate Candidates Forum

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