Links of the Day-New Blog Feature

Following the example of such pre-eminent conservative/libertarian bloggers as Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit and Radley Balk0, I will finally get with the times and post short links to pieces of interest I find on political and legal issues in Colorado and the nation.

The Nation

Oral argument held today in the McDonald Gun Case-they have the full roundup over at Volokh, including links to Scotusblog, and the transcript from the oral argument.  Colorado’s Koppel just blogged at the VC here. Just go on the site and scroll.

Texas Appellate Court forces a trial even though defendant pleads guilty  to everything. This is one I think  even Mark Hurlbert and I would agree is loony.  From Simple Justice.


Treasurer Trivia – and not so trivial coverage on the three-way race for the Republican nomination for State Treasurer. From Lynn Bartles at The Spot.  She also links to the blog extraordinaire of  The Donald Johnson,  who covers questions and answers from Ament, Hasan, and Stapleton.

Legislative nanny state trivia – on new laws for bike helmets is wittily commented on by the prolific Ben Degrow.

Ben also has a great piece analyzing what in my view is the single most important barrier to long-term economic sustainability of Colorado and the US–government employee unions.

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