Links of the Day: Ritter and Hurlbert on MMJ; Hasan Wants Bankers Jailed; Volokh on Reason TV; Stossel

Today’s posts are late as I had to go get blood pressure checked after the false alarm this morning about Chief Justice Roberts’ impending Supreme Court resignation and the harrowing possibility that the likes of  Deval Patrick or Eric Holder might be on SCOTUS.  Also, consulted with a class action specialist about suing Radar Online for negligent infliction of emotional distress.  We’ll probably hear soon from B-HO about spikes in health care costs among Republicans.

Bill Ritter to take Medical Marijuana? – The Colorado governor suffered 5-6 broken ribs in a bicycle crash. Ouch! Lynn Bartels at The Spot speculates against it, noting his DA background and “law and order” reputation.  Too bad these “law and order” type former DAs don’t want to enforce laws like TABOR.  Click on the article to see which state Senator teased Ritter about this.  Hint, he is no supporter of  DA Mark Hurlbert “Hurlritter.”  No spoiler alert necessary because that could be one of at least eight Republicans who support opponent Tim Leonard.  Ok, one hint.  Like Ritter, he’s an avid cyclist, according to LB.

My take is that any of CO’s  three political Rittercritters should be able to intake what he feels is best for his pain and suffering–be he Bill, Hick, or Hurl.  My Rx, though, would be not to smoke anything, as breathing with injured ribs is difficult enough.  My doc would likely recommend Percocet combined with ibuprofen, which is likely what Bill was prescribed.  He should then take lots of time off to rest–broken ribs are slow to heal.  His Dem colleagues in the legislature should do the same in a show of support.

DA Mark Hurlbert, a Republican Candidate for the Colo. State Senate, and one of the aforementioned Colo. triumvirate of “Rittercritters,” apparently believes MMJ should be reserved for the “truly sick” among us.  Under current voter-prescribed law, physicians determine who qualifies as “truly sick” enough for them to prescribe MMJ . Hurlbert then states that the “Frankenstein” beast that is Obama care must go (no argument there).

The Frankenstein line struck me as something GOP boss Dick Wadhams might come up with, but Hurlbert didn’t limit his attack on government interference with the doctor-patient relationship to the feds.  To his credit, Hurlbert went on to argue Colorado shouldn’t “get involved with healthcare and other nanny-state things .”

I’m confused, though.  If government shouldn’t interfere and you’re opposed to the nanny state, then the MMJ decision should be between  the doctor and patient, and they should determine if the patient is “truly sick” enough for MMJ, right?   More later.  (Corrected and updated 3-5-10 at 6:34 a.m.)

Ali Hasan, GOP candidate for Colo. Treasurer, calls bankers crooks who should be jailed more on this from The Donald L. Johnson at  The lines between Hasan, Stapleton, and Ament in this three-way primary race are getting clearer, as Hasan has clearly staked out the populist position in the campaign.

Reason TV interviews First Amendment Guru Eugene Volokh-and Eugene discusses at length on video various constitutional rights, including the First.  His view of the greatest free speech threat?  Content-based speech harassment laws.

John Stossel on Keep your Laws off my Body-Just when I thought I was done for the night, Reason released this classic, which has been teased all week on Fox.  The piece starts with a maxim that has now become a part of the distant past for us baby boomers:  “It’s a free country, right”?  Wrong.  Hopefully this will change by getting conservative/libertarian Republicans elected this November.

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