Links of the Day: Colo. Sen. Shawn Mitchell, Flipping off Cops, Glenwood Springs Police Abuse, Starbucks and Teachers Unions, Federal Hwy. Funds

Republican Colo. Sen. Shawn Mitchell calls a Dem” Senator OneYear”-Dems squeal like pigs, cry like babies-Lynn Bartels brings the public into the junior high lunchroom that is the Dome.  Dems apparently think it’s ok to call GOP members uncaring about “THE CHILDREN” if they don’t vote to fatten already bloated teachers unions, but it’s not OK to joke about the statehouse’s own Appointed One,  Sen. Bruce Whitehead. He faces a tough challenge from Rep. Ellen Roberts, R-Durango, in November.  Let’s hope Mitchell’s prediction is on The Spot.

Lynn B. vividly captures every overwrought, hand wringing moment from the Dems.  Oh, Mitchell had a prior conviction of violating boys-club protocol, when he called Dems “cowards” for turning off his mike during a debate about tax increases.  Mitchell would make a great visitor to B-Ho’s next SOU address.  Maybe the teachers union members could hand over one of their taxpayer-funded Starbucks gift cards to keep Mitchell awake.  Sorry “educators,” I forgot it’s not PC to say junior high anymore.

Flipping off Cops is Legal, Not Advised-so advises  David Kravets in Wired, in this constitutionally accurate and practical piece.  Links to everything you ever wanted to know about the insulting gesture the ancient Greeks dubbed digitus impudicus.

Colorado Won’t Be Outdone in Proving Police Egos outweigh the First Amendment (or in wasting taxpayer dollars)-as this Aspen Daily News article by Editor Troy Hooper sadly shows about an incident involving Glenwood Springs Police. Michael McDonnell, a 23-year old Carbondale man, is running around Pitkin County getting signatures about police abuse to present to the judge when what he should be getting is an attorney appointed by the judge.  Then he might wind up getting the charges dismissed, as they should be.

I’m assuming of course he can’t afford an attorney or would have gotten one by now on his own.  The publicity is good, though, and maybe a good attorney will take Michael McDonnel’s case on at a reduced rate or pro bono. The harassment charges cannot possibly be constitutionally applied to the situation, and the filing a false report charge contains an intent element that would be very hard to prove.  Read the story for the stunning tale of what went down.  Hooper interviewed a local bus driver, who said the local cops are turning into the Gestapo.

A Sensible Approach to Fed Highway Taxes – Summed up nicely by Robert Poole at Reason. Federal taxes should go for what they were originally intended-interstate highways.  They should not go for transit projects, roads, or  bike paths. Similarly, the feds should not impose mandates on states for speed limits or DUI blood alcohol mandate or use of union workers.  Get it: federal means between the states, state governs and pays for what is solely inside the state.  So simple and basic, I don’t look forward to it within my lifetime.

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