Adios, Colorado Pols- Shawn Mitchell Attack Over the Line

Not that they care, but I just deleted Colorado Pols from my links.  I just read their nauseating piece and even more juvenile and nauseating reader comments about Shawn Mitchell, the Republican State Senator from Broomfield who got the Dems in such a tizzy by speaking out of turn in class.  No joke, but these fools actually said Mitchell showed a lack of respect for the legislative process.  Good.  This process that saddled us with unconstitutional  taxes merits no respect.  I’ll be replacing this despicable joke of  a site with the Onion.

For comprehensive information on Colorado politics I’d look to Lynn Bartels at The Spot (a lib, but smart and funny), the Donald E.L. Johnson at (he cross-examines candidates like a seasoned barrister with an Econ Phd), and the conservative, fair and balanced posts by Ben Degrow at Mount Virtus.  Oh I almost forgot.  The freak commenters are going ballistic trying to link the loser criminal who crashed the plane into the IRS to normal conservative/libertarians trying to influence politics via the First Amendment, not violence. Why is it that liberals (I mean progressives) always stoop so low?

I apologize for my error in linking the above,  never-to-be-mentioned-again blog.  I was young and naive when I put it on my links roll.  OK, not young, but definitely naive.  I promise to use more discretion in the future.

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