Colo. Governor Bill Ritter Shows DA Roots: Treats Amazon Like Criminal Defendant for Affiliate Move

Former career DA Bill Ritter, who rose above his pay grade to become a disastrous one-term governor, just set off a furor over his comments criticizing Amazon and other online retailers for taking the predictable actions of severing affiliate relations after the Dems  imposed possibly unconstitutional taxes on internet purchases by Coloradans.   Before becoming governor, Ritter had no experience in anything other than working 25 years as a prosecutor, including lending out his skills to fledgling DA Mark Hurlbert in the mishandled Kobe Bryant rape prosecution.

Apparently having never studied Econ 101 at CSU, Ritter and the Dems assumed tax increases would be all gain with no pain for Colorado.  Amazon gave them a remedial lesson, though, and he is quacking like a lame duck stranded in a cesspool.

Ritter is the first Colorado Democrat governor in 50 years to be allowed to run wild without an ankle bracelet and cavort with  Democrat majorities in both houses of the Assembly. And now he has the Colo. Supreme Court playing partisan politics too,  launching the no-retention campaign by Clear the Bench Colorado against four Dem justices this November.

Did Ritter and the Dems simply assume they could raise taxes, but demand would remain unchanged?

Ritter chimed in with this perplexing statement:

Amazon has taken a disappointing – and completely unjustified – step of ending its relationship with associates. While Amazon is blaming a new state law for its action, the fact is that Amazon is simply trying to avoid compliance with Colorado law and is unfairly punishing Colorado businesses in the process.

Let’s unpack this lawyer double-speak.  Amazon, an enterprise clearly much more accomplished than either Ritter or the Dem-controlled legislature, is “blaming” the new law for terminating its associate relationships in Colorado.  Yes, that is exactly what they’re doing.  According to the U.S. Supreme Court,  the internet tax could only be constitutionally applied within a state to companies located in the state.  Amazon is not located in the state, certain associates are, thus Amazon is severing those relationships to maintain pricing for Coloradans the same as for residents of other states.

The prosecutorially-minded Ritter seems to be acting as if Amazon is resisting arrest and obstructing justice.  No, Amazon is complying with the law by avoiding being subjected to it. Perhaps instead of the incomprehensible law of supply and demand, Ritter and the Dems might understand the point better if it’s placed in the context of a law Ritter is  probably more familiar with-misdemeanor DUI prosecutions.  Ok, Bill.  A guy out on the town drinks too much and for his own safety and that of the public, he wisely hails a cab.  Thus he is not subjected to the DUI law because he is not breaking it.  He is not “avoiding complying” with it.

Amazon hailed its own cab–a cab that  drove them safely out-of-state, and protected their Colorado retail customers. They are complying with the laws of economics and voting with their feet.  This is a predictable  practice, where businesses pick states they do business in based on how hospitable, or not, the state is to their business.

Now check out this overwrought video put on YouTube by Ritter’s co-conspirator in prosecutorial overreach-Dem State Senate Majority leader John Morse.  He should be able to understand this analogy too, as a former police officer turned legislator, he probably made lots of DUI arrests.  He has the prosecutorial finger-pointing in closing argument down so pat, he must have watched lots of Law and Order episodes.

After lambasting defendant Amazon’s crime of earning OVER $900,000,000 a YEAR, Morse makes Amazon quiver in its out-of-state walking boots, by dramatically presenting his Kindle with a Mark Twain book loaded on the page and threatening (after he’s saved enough money) to trade it in for an I-Pad.

In the background, Morse prominently displays a plaque entitled “Mental Health Legislator of the Year.”  From the looks of Morse in this video, he undoubtedly supplies this constituent group with lots of business, but appears in need of bigger doses of antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.

H/T for the video to BenDegrow and WhoSaidYouSaid.

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