Maine Cop Confronts Freaked out Motorist and DOES NOT Tase or Beat Him: Man Bites Dog Video Here

This classic video is courtesy of legal bloggers Simple Justice and law professor Jonathan Turley. Like most legal bloggers, we’re always finding videos of cops going ballistic at the slightest lack of Emily Post quality politeness–taserings, beatings, slapping ridiculous charges, and the like. Thus it was a pleasure to see what happens when a very nice officer is confronted with an extremely agitated and belligerent motorist and resorts simply to “just the facts ma’am” verbal instructions instead.

The  Maine-accented state trooper  maintains Yankee stoicism and certainly did not merit the verbal abuse heaped on him.  But that verbal abuse was still constitutionally protected, and the trooper treated it that way.  Nice, how he got the guy, who was obviously having a really bad day, to pick up the litter from the torn up citation.  Clearly, verbal commands were sufficient to get this traffic violator to follow appropriate instructions.  Oh, don’t miss the bye-bye at the end.

And BTW, here at EPEL, we don’t just copy other bloggers, we research further.  Judging from online images of all New England  license plates, and research of all New England state trooper uniforms, as well as YouTube testimony by an alleged Maine resident about the plate and the accent, I believe the trooper is from Maine based on at least a preponderance of the evidence.

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