Donald E.L. Johnson Adds Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer to businessword Blog Roll

The Donald E.L. Johnson just let me know  he added Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer to his blog roll at businessword (right between Drudge Report and Face the State).  I am thrilled, flattered, honored, name it, because Don is not only my favorite Colorado blogger, he’s one of my favorite bloggers in the country–a man who cross-examines politicians like a seasoned barrister with an Econ PhD in his prolific and comprehensive interviews.

I became acquainted with Don’s blog fairly recently (though it seems longer).  When I first read Don’s posts, I wondered, who is this guy that knows so much about economics and finance and questions candidates with follow-up after follow-up question until they relent with a straight answer, or wind up being called out as evaders of legitimate public inquiry?  Next, I noticed his links–they’re a modern-day cyber-library for anyone wanting to do economic, political, marketing and other research.

Then I read further, and learned Don’s a health care guru – someone who can cut through the bunk of this debate that has gone on so long and now ended so pathetically with Nancy Pelosi looking like she’s died and gone to heaven.  He served as the Editor of Modern Healthcare magazine for 10 years, and was critical in building that publication to become the leader in its field.

Don’s got a first-cut, post-mortem analysis he published this morning about this debacle of a bill.  Poignantly, the piece is entitled, “Watch health insurance premiums soar.”  (Ben Degrow has a helpful post on the many ways we can still fight and maybe get a repeal).

At first I thought Don’s focus was national, as I’ve rarely read anyone at the national level who can compete with his economics knowledge.  I explored his blog further and was delighted to see Don Johnson now focuses his immense talents on Colorado politics.

I also learned Don Johnson is an amazing note taker, and he attends substantive Colorado political events as frequently and religiously as the Chris Cooper character playing FBI spy Robert Hannsen attended church  in the film, Breach. He performs a great service for bloggers like me, who can then use that detailed, quality reporting to write broad riffs or op-ed style pieces.  He just scooped Lynn Bartels  on the recent Hickenlooper criticisms of Ritter by a full day.

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