Links of the Day: Rafting Bill Sinks; Bully State; Hill to Mexico; Dumb Brooklyn Raids ; Colo. Trooper DUI; Ali Hasan News

HB 1188 – Rafting Bill, Dubbed “Row v. Wade” by Witty Republicans, Sent Back for “Study” of  Constitutional Property Rights Issues – Lynn Bartels has the coverage this morning.  Commercial rafting guides lobbying for the bill apparently want to “spank” six Dem senators for “throwing them under the bus.”  These super-conservatives include Senate President Brandon Shaffer and YouTube star, Sen. Majority Leader, John Morse.  The vote to send the bill to a water committee was 21-14.  Jessica Fender has an update.

Looks though, like the rafting companies still have a friend in this “Republican” state Senate candidate, whose legal knowledge seems limited to misdemeanor and felony prosecutions, and not weighty constitutional matters.  This guy probably made a typo when he filled out his candidacy papers at the Secretary of State’s office and checked the “R” box instead of “D”,  as he has been a staunch ally of Dem. House Whip Christine Scanlan on the issue.

HB 1188, which has about as much constitutional justification as the other Roe v. Wade, barely made it out of committee and only then,  with no Republicans voting for it.  Kudos to these Dems for putting the constitution ahead of partisan interests for a change.

From the Nanny State to the “Bully State” – Brits on the front line – H/T to Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds for this link.

Hillary Comes to Mexico – “The War on Drugs is Doomed” so writes The Wall Street Journal’s Priceless Mary O’Grady – H/T to Radley Balko for this gem.  Radley’s own comments on the issue are on his blog, The Agitator.  Bottom line, demand creates supply, not the other way around, and the US failed war on drugs is the root of the problem, and not some innocent spillover victim.

Elderly Brooklyn Couple Raided by Cops with Wrong Address for Years – And it Only Took 50 Mistakes to finally straighten it outWonder how many “mistakes” a private citizen would get? Lawsuit? Of course not.  It was a “computer glitch” (translation:  IQ glitch). Without a pervasive pattern involving others like this couple,  cops and other government wrongdoers enjoy qualified immunity – a doctrine that needs to go, and soon.  H/T to Radley Balko.

Colo. Trooper Arrested for DUI While on Patrol in Castle Rock – Here’s the Denver 7 story. Kudos for the transparency provided both by the State Patrol and Douglas County Sheriff’s office for not burying this the way so many police agencies would.  Denver and Aurora come to mind.  So do Chicago, Minneapolis, Prince Georges County, MD; Commerce City, Colo. Whoops-don’t want to run out of bandwidth.  They gave the suspect’s name and lots of details, and both departments had courteous and forthcoming PIOs, both of whom I spoke to last night.  The case is now with 18th District DA Carol Chambers, and we’ll see if the case is treated appropriately.  That would be harsher sentencing for a DUI committed by a cop on duty, not the lesser sentence usually reserved for fellow taxpayer-fundees.

Ali Hasan Picks up Treasurer Endorsement from Douglas Bruce,  controversial TABOR Author- DP Political Editor Curtis Hubbard covers the announcement at The Spot; businessord’s Don Johnson analyzes and thinks it’s more of a hindrance than a help for Hasan.

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