Summit County Colo. Sheriff’s Police Dog “Bobby” Nabs Recidivist Burglar: Chew Toy Suspect Worse for Wear in Dog Day Afternoon

The Summit Daily’s excellent police and courts editor, Robert Allen, reported recently on this alleged burglar of Mountain Outfitters, in the Colorado ski resort town of Breckenridge. Allegedly, this was Jason Oberg’s third burglary of the outdoor goods retailer.

Burglary Suspect Encounters "Bobby" and Bobby Won

Olberg was nabbed by a combined force of a Breckenridge police officer and a canine Sheriff’s Deputy,  Czech Republic native and German Shepherd dog “Bobby.” Police ordered the suspect to stop as he was allegedly fleeing the scene of the crime.  Olberg didn’t, and fleet-of-foot Bobby was sent in pursuit.  Bobby won the race.

According to Bobby’s handler, Summit County Deputy Sheriff Nathan Opsahl, Bobby is an officer of the Summit County Sheriff’s Department, and the two have undergone intensive canine police training in Indiana. Bobby is skilled in narcotics detection and tracking work.  The virile four-year old Bobby, hails from top-notch Czech breeding  stock, according to Opsahl.  Deputy Opsahl has worked with this canine law enforcement stud for two years, and Bobby lives with the Deputy (as is customary for appropriate dog socialization).  Deputy Nathan Opsahl  has worked for the Summit County Sheriff’s Department, headed by the popular John Minor, for four years.

Hope Bobby got more than the organ meat one commenter to Allen’s article reported from the Summit County grapevine. Because the investigation is ongoing, Deputy Opsahl would not comment on the details of any injuries allegedly inflicted on the suspect by Bobby. He did confirm that Bobby received a well-deserved treat for his efforts, but not on the specific nature of the reward.

Bobby, I love you. Please come and visit soon! I haven't caught any criminals yet, but I love to run wild!

My own canine companion, Golden, Colorado native Steffi Q., shown here on the right, is hot to meet Bobby, and told me in an exclusive interview that she thinks Bobby is a babe, deserving of a big fat porterhouse and that they could “run wild on the beaches and swim the Sea of Cortez together.”

Whatever.  I’m sick of her purple prose.  It’s about time Steffi retires from co-blogger status to starting her own blog.  Frankly, I think Facebook or Twitter is more up her alley. Still, Bobby is very cute and we welcome him anytime he wishes to visit, as we do all Summit County law enforcement involved in nabbing this alleged thief.  It will definitely make the newlyweds next door, who just bred a mestizo litter of a German Shepherd and a Weimaraner, very jealous.  Somehow, I think the heroic hotty Bobby will be able to handle it.

2 responses to “Summit County Colo. Sheriff’s Police Dog “Bobby” Nabs Recidivist Burglar: Chew Toy Suspect Worse for Wear in Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Hey, we’re having a wonderful blizzard in Silverthorne. Skiing will be great at Keystone Sunday.

    Does Bobby ski?

  2. Don,

    Steffi does skijoring, and I bet Bobby would be up to the task from the looks of him. But one of the reasons I’m thinking of getting rid of Steffi as co-blogger is that she is so starry-eyed, she doesn’t realize swimming is not the strong suit of the GSD, as opposed to the GSP.

    Really sorry we’re not there to enjoy it. It’s about 82 right now, sunny, no humidity, very light breeze-not the least annoying like the one that interrupted by patio blogging the other day.

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