Elizabeth Oldham, Steamboat Spring DA, Ethics Violations Article Updated

DA Elizabeth’s Oldham’s ethics violations were the subject of one of my first blog posts.

Elizabeth Oldham: 14th District DA and Former Mark Hurlbert Chief Deputy (Steamboat Pilot & Today Photo)

Recently, my source link interview article about these ethics violations was removed from the Internet by the author, based on local pressure in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

When I discovered this, and all the views the article was garnering recently, I became concerned that readers would become confused or think I wasn’t backing up the story.  The author, Tom Reuter, kindly provided me a pdf of the original article which is embedded in the updated post here.

Also, since the initial publication, I conducted original research and have greatly expanded the article.  I also removed some names to protect innocent victims.

Update: Steamboat publisher and editor, Tom Reuter, has reviewed this post and the updated article and confirms their accuracy.

4 responses to “Elizabeth Oldham, Steamboat Spring DA, Ethics Violations Article Updated

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  2. this is the woman who keeps dissing my complaints about a man that is stalking me? the officer filing the reports can’t even get the dates of offenses right , when supplementing reports, even though they are listed on the front of the report being supplemented,and doesn’t file them in a timely manner. i keep having to call 911 because a mentally disabled man that keeps coming at me and even thiough the guy got caught by the cops LYING ABOUT TRYING TO GET INTO MY APARTMENT, there are 3 judicial protection orders against the guy, he has been convicted of protection order violation, and having to do 60 days for the violation, 10 days out of jail the guy comes at me while i’m parking my car causing another 911 call,violating both probation and protection order, which caused me to file for a civil protection order,because i didn’t have anyone there as a witness, even though the cops saw him walking away and say the guy admits coming at me in the police report, she doesn’t see any probable cause to proceed with charges for ANOTHER protection order violation, WTF? this woman is very biased towards me an i did not feel she was acting in good faith and asked for another da to review my case, i have started proceedings with the attorney regulation department, then i see this in my local paper, she fails to see i had to call 911 on my cell, cause i couldn’t get to my apartment, due to the man i have protection orders against, being within the 15 foot of my car, and stairs to my apartment, how come everyone but her and officer roy ybarra can see the repeated and ongoing violations, but fail to give a damn if i feel so endangered, that i seldom leave my apartment,and have to carry a tazer just to get in and out of my car, if i had known about her lack of ethics, i would have asked for another da from day one, anyone knows how to help can email me at mrsstomperhere@yahoo.com

  3. this woman has no ethics committing adultery,evidence withholding,and other violations, how did she get anther da job in grand county after being caught in adultery and other violations in steamboat springs co.and she is the one reviewing cases and saying there is no merit i a case with repeated violations, with HER ethics adultery is o.k.?, really? i am requesting a new dA

  4. i WAS SURPRISED NO ONE LEFT ANY COMMENTS ON THE ELIZABETH OLDHAM ETICS ARTICLE!!! This is the person who decides who to prosectute or not prosecute, in Grand County Co.. How can she faIrly assess cases when she is guilty of a number of unethical actions, for a ongoing time– no wonder she could care less if this guy who won’t leave me alone,kills me, Apparently assault, repeated lies and ongoing negative behaviors are the norm…ETHICS VIOLATIONS ? – THIS WOMAN HAS NO ETHICS TO VIOLATE–YIKES!!! how did this person get another da job after getting caught committing adultery, with a fellow worker? what DOES this person consider to be wrong, must be something bad if adultery is O.K. REALLY? NO ONE GOOGLED HER? DID WE ELECT HER OR CHOOSE HER OR BE MADE AWARE OF HER PREVIOUS ACTIONS ,WHEN EVEN FILLING OUT A JOB APPLICATION? REALLY? GRAND COUNTY— WAKE UP! LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE AND THIER PAST ACTIONS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT ONGOING LACK OF CONCERN FOR GRAND COUNTY’S CITIZENS OR JUSTICE, FOR THAT MATTER!!!never should a publication like grand county uncensored have to bring up ethical voilations for its county officials. to alert citizens of thier crimes or ethics.

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