Colo. State and County Elected Officials Salaries: Now that We Have Them, What’s Next?

Now that the public’s been provided the salaries of Colorado’s State and County elected officials, thanks to this specially commissioned report,  what do we do with this information? Financial guru and fellow blogger, Don Johnson, poses the first question this report raises today at his businessword blog and also at the People’s Press Collective:  “Which state and county elected officials are under paid and over paid?” Check out the post and comment with your own answers after reviewing the clear and concise study, prepared by the Office of Legislative Counsel.  I agree with Don’s conclusions (as usual).

The next step will be to ask why the obvious illogical disparities?   The short answer is because Colorado lawmakers have constructed a ponderous patchwork quilt structure, where even tough to change constitutional provisions come into play.  We’ll be exploring this problem more in our next transparency investigation, which is ongoing.

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