Colo. County Assemblies Put Republican Legislative Talent on Display: Frazier, Leonard, Ramirez, Sharf and Others in Photo Essay – UPDATED 4-12

SD 16 Candidate Tim Leonard with Precocious Two-Year Old Daughter, Isabella

Colorado Republicans held their final county assemblies yesterday, in a day dubbed Super Saturday, because of the large population counties involved, including Jefferson, Denver, Arapahoe, Adams and Boulder.  The state assembly is slated for May 21-22, in Loveland.

Robert Ramirez, a promising young candidate from Westminster set to wrest

Robert Ramirez Supporter Lends Campaign Vehicle: 1958 Chevy

HD 29 from liberal Democrat incumbent Debbie Bennefield, officially received the Republican nomination for the seat, unopposed.  Ramirez  blogged about the exciting day at the Jefferson County Assembly and posted photos, including this clever campaign vehicle.  We’ll be publishing the first part of an interview with Ramirez tomorrow.

Also having a productive day in Jefferson was state Senate District 16 candidate Tim Leonard,  the conservative Republican businessman from Evergreen, who’s already been endorsed by eight of Colorado’s 14 Republican senators.  Lynn Bartels reported, “Two-year-old Isabella Leonard waved a sign that read “Go, Daddy, Go” for her father.”  Goes to show what home schooling can achieve, as Isabella’s sign was spelled perfectly. Buddies in Boulder reported Leonard also had a big presence there,  but his opponent was MIA.

Rising Republican star Ryan Frazier, was out in force (and maybe with

Ryan Frazier with Attorney General John Suthers

special forces too) in  Adams County, and  is charged with the GOP mission of dispatching liberal Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter back to civilian life, with extreme prejudice. What a sweet victory that would be for Colorado.  Frazier reported having a great time in Adams County.  He and his beautiful family were all there.  Update: Ben Degrow was there and has an in-depth report, including great new poll numbers for Ryan Frazier.  Don Johnson just reported this morning about some great fundraising news for Frazier.

Lynn Bartels also reported that the brilliant House candidate, Joshua Sharf,

House Candidate and blogger Joshua Sharf

invited unaffiliated types and “thoughtful Democrats” to attend the GOP Assembly in Denver. I’ve always admired  Sharf’s  out of the box thinking. And they behaved themselves and everything. Given the definitional restriction, I wonder what the “thoughtful Democrat” turnout was.

At, Don Johnson ventured into the trenches as usual, this time in Arapahoe County.  Plenty of action there including a rousing speech by Attorney General John Suthers and Clear the Bench Colorado leader, Matt Arnold.
How many days is it until the November election? With the depth and strength of the current GOP Colorado crop, I can’t wait.

2 responses to “Colo. County Assemblies Put Republican Legislative Talent on Display: Frazier, Leonard, Ramirez, Sharf and Others in Photo Essay – UPDATED 4-12

  1. Thanks for the great round-up of coverage from area county assemblies. The picture of Tim Leonard and his daughter is priceless. I was glad to see you bring attention to Robert Ramirez’s rising campaign. Ryan Frazier certainly acquitted himself well at the Jeffco Assembly. And thanks most of all for re-posting the classic Joshua Sharf photo.

    It’s candidates like these and others who also make me more optimistic about chances for conservative success in Colorado’s 2010 elections.

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