Colo. GOP Candidate News of the Day: Norton Names Penry New Campaign Mgr; Owen Hill SD 11 Candidate, Latest CUT Signer – Takes on Maj. Leader Morse

U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Norton, names Colo. Minority Leader Josh Penry as new campaign manager – Allison Sherry  is on The Spot today with more details, including Rich Beeson, who worked on the Scott Brown campaign in Mass., joining the Norton campaign as an advisor.  Lots of good stuff in article about fundraising, Dick Wadhams’ displeasure at Norton skipping the State Assembly and going the petition route,  and her vow to become “Harry Reid’s worst nightmare.”   Sounds like a plan.  She is in a tight GOP race with tea party grassroots favorite, Weld County DA Ken Buck.

Owen Hill, GOP Senate Dist. 11 Challenger to  Maj. Leader John Morse, Signs CUT Pledge. Senate District 11 GOP candidate Owen Hill  brings an impressive resume to his mission of  ousting Morse in Colorado Springs.  By signing the  CUT pledge, put forth by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers,  he signifies he agrees on all conservative fiscal policies, as well as vouchers and personal choice in education, and protection of private property rights.

Hill is the Budget Director of  a large non-profit,  Compassion International.  The organization uses market principles to do development aid work for children around the world, and Owen Hill manages its  $560 million annual budget.  The company operates entirely on private money.  The organization  employs  2,500 people in 37 countries, 800 of  them in Colorado.  And they help 1.1 million needy children a year, using market oriented solutions.

Hill learned about strategic planning after double majoring in economics and operations research at the Air Force Academy.  He then earned a PhD. in strategic planning in only three years, and studied on a scholarship at the prestigious Rand Institute think tank in Santa Monica , Calif.

As a Captain in the Air Force,

Ownen Hill with his wife Emily, and three children Kaiden, Miette, and Ellis

Owen served as the lead analyst for a new constellation of military communications satellites.

What prompted Hill to make his first run for political office against  Morse?  His experience with the success he saw applying free market principles to economic development work, convinced him the same privatizing approach could be made to work for government as well.

Clearly, the “approach” favored by Morse, Ritter and the other tax and spenders has been an utter disaster. Given this blog’s readership, not much need be said about Morse.

Ben Degrow gives Owen Hill a good shot.  He needs some GOP help with money, although his grassroots following of 500 Facebook fans has helped.  Morse’s recent rant against Amazon on YouTube makes him even more vulnerable, and the state GOP leadership should mark Senate District 11 as a critical, and very winnable race.

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