Colo. Campaign Fundraising Deadline Clock has Struck: Ramirez, Ament, Barker, Hill, Leonard, Norton, Littleton, Clear Creek GOP – Out and About

Campaign Fundraising Deadline for First Quarter Reporting  Expired at Midnight, April 25:

Colorado’s  first quarter April 25 fundraising deadline is crucial for candidates because it’s a leading indicator of  their electability quotient.  And this is true for candidates with or without primary opponents.  The fundraising reports are due at the Secretary of State no later than May 3.

Candidates who show strong fundraising ability are typically provided more support by the party and by other donors not wanting to waste money on candidates they might like, but who can’t prove they can win.  But trends, and not just totals, need to be looked at, particularly when assessing political newcomers.

Readers can check out the fundraising results on the excellent Tracer reporting site at the Secretary of State’s office.  Its’ easy to search by, candidate, the race, contributors and other criteria, and the site provides the names of all donors contributing $20.00 or more to a candidate.  This quarter’s results should be posted on May 4.

Fundraising  Deadline Creates  Flurry of Activity in the Days Leading up to April 25.

Here’s what some of the candidates were up to, as campaign  activity amped up everywhere in Colorado.

Treasurer Candidate, JJ Ament, headed down to southern Colorado and the western slope over the weekend, hitting the La Plata Lincoln Dinner in Durango on Friday and the Montrose dinner on Saturday.  He reports lots of delegate and activist support.  JJ Ament’s overwhelming qualifications for Treasurer, his staunch fiscal conservatism, combined with his electability,  make it increasingly clear he’s the frontrunner for Treasurer.

Robert Ramirez, the promising House Dist. 29 candidate threatening  Deb Bennefield, rounded up volunteers to walk precincts and knock on doors.   Armed with

Robert Ramirez, with his wife Suzie and daughter, Lauren, 11

voter registrations stats,  Robert Ramirez and nine volunteers hit 1,200 doors on Saturday,  and with six volunteers, 800 on Sunday.  Unlike many GOP door pounders, Robert and crew hit about 400 apartments.  A lot of people assume apartment dwellers are Dems, when actually these days they’re Republicans who’ve lost their businesses or jobs because of the Dems’ disastrous economic policies.

Ramirez looked at numbers instead of stereotypes and found 70 percent of the apartment residents they visited were unaffiliated or GOP, with the majority  GOP.  Robert told me he and his team got a great response, including several Dems jumping aboard.  One Dem, a UAW member, told Ramirez he was “sick of taxes and fees we can’t afford,” and promised to vote for Ramirez.  On the fundraising front, Ramirez told me, naturally he’d like it to be higher, but it’s been growing exponentially so the trend is in the right direction.  You can read my interview with Robert here.  Hello State GOP.  Please support this great candidate positioned to oust one of the most destructive Dems in the House.

Owen Hill, Senate District 11 Candidate, is working hard to topple this destructive Democrat:  Senate Majority Leader John Morse.  Owen Hill had

Owen Hill

the honor of  speaking at Ray Hicks’ Republican Roundup in Colorado before Jane Norton spoke and received a warm and enthusiastic reception.  They concentrated on fundraising this past week, and are pleased with the amount and the trend.   Owen Hill also pounded the pavement and the doors in the Springs, accompanied by Mark Barker, running for House Dist. 17, and Peggy Littleton, who is running for county commission in Dist. 5.  I recently interviewed Owen Hill, who should not only be supported to topple Morse, but should be tapped as one of the brightest, credentialed, and attractive young party stars in Colorado.

Clear Creek County Republicans, part of Colo. Senate Dist. 16, held a star-studded Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday.  GOP Chair Dick Wadhams was the keynote

Leonard Children Watering Trees they Donated. Auctioned off by Bob Beauprez to Benefit CCCR

speaker.  Treasurer candidate Ali Hasan, had a great time.  State Senate 16 rivals, Evergreen businessman, Tim Leonard and DA  Mark Hurlbert, attended and spoke.  Tim was accompanied by his wife Monica, and Mark was with his wife, Cathy Cheroutes.  Bob Beauprez auctioned off some young evergreen trees from the tree farm Tim and Monica help their kids run to learn about both environmentalism and entrepreneurship.

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