Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty TV Ad, “We Know Who You Are,” Invokes “Enemy of the State” (of PA): How about just cutting spending?

I’m a fan of tax amnesty programs and their promotion.  But this ad (which I think was produced by Mad Men’s Don Draper at Sterling, Cooper), is funny in the same way the Enviro-Nazis Audi Superbowl ad was funny.  It’s parody merging with stark realism.  I just watched Enemy of the State for the first time the other night.  Now I feel like the Will Smith character.

This is a must watch 30-second video, and is starting to go viral.

Sadly, it’s another sign that government does not get the basic point:  They work for us, not the other way around.  H/T to Radley Balko, the Editor of Reason magazine, from his blog, The Agitator.  Comments from his readers are worth checking out.  For many Americans, Orwellian threats are counterproductive.  Maybe PA can sell this ad to Canada and they can repackage it for their submissive inhabitants.  Come to think of it, Don Draper wouldn’t have been this clueless.

Update: Philadelphia Inquirer reports this is a $3 Million dollar advertising campaign and is the brainchild of Governor Ed Rendell, former head of the DNC, and big pal of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.  Why am I not surprised?  Article is nauseating, and mentions a “business-privilege” tax they have in PA.  So running a business is a “privilege” granted by the monarchy?   Progressive HuffPo is even critical of ad, and 68% of their readers agree it’s too “big brother.”  9:37 a.m. 5-6. Rendell is on Fox criticising conservative bloggers and tea partiers .  Says this ad was one of five possibles and this is the “least aggressive.”  A focus group allegedly loved it.

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