TIM LEONARD WINS SD 16 WITH 71%- KEEPS DA MARK HURLBERT OFF BALLOT-Live Blogging From Dist. Assembly: Multi-County House and Senate; Cong. Districts 2,3,4,5 and 6

Live blogging.  Tim Leonard takes 71% of Assembly vote; ousts  prosecutor, Mark Hurlbert from Gop Ballot.

Tim Leonard Supporters Celebrate (Photo-Lynn Bartels, Denver Post)

Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer will be live blogging from reports received from people attending the District Assembly today.  We’ll do a separate, live-blog post for the State Assembly tomorrow.

Please Email in any Reports and pictures to Lauraincabo@gmail.com or Leave Comments -You can also Tweet me @ ExPatExLawyer

Schedule:  9:-10 – GOP State Central Committee Mtg.

10:00 – Multi Dist.House Assemblies.  HD 13, HD 33, HD 40, HD 56, HD 60, HD 61, HD 62, HD 63, HD 65.

11:30 – Multi-County Senate Dist. Assemblies – The big contested race here is Senate District 16, an open seat as popular Dem incumbent Dan Gibbs is not seeking re-election. Tim Leonard dominated DA Mark Hurlbert in fundraising and just won (1:00 p.m.) with 71%, keeps “moderate” mountain bike prosecutor off ballot .  Other Senate Districts are SD1, SD2. and SD5.  SD 5 presents delegates with Republicans  Bob Rankin and Wayne Wolf battling it out to challenge Dem incumbent Gail Schwartz.  Degrow calls this one a toss-up, with a slight edge for a Dem hold. Update: Greg Brophy reports Rankin takes sole ballot spot with 82% of delegate votes.

Ben has this to say about SD 2:

A field of three Republicans — Kevin Grantham, Matt Heimerich and Talon Canterbury — has lined up to fill the shoes of the GOP’s retiring state senator Ken Kester. Right now, any of them looks like better odds than the two late-entry Democrats Gloria Stultz and John Webb, neither of whom has reported raising a dime. Likely GOP hold

1:00 – Multi County House Dist. 47 and 64 Assemblies – Republican candidates in these two races have no primary opponents.  In 47 Keith Swerdfeger has two Dem opponents.  The seat is currently Dem, but Ben Degrow calls it leaning GOP pickup.  In Dist. 64, Lisa Grace Kellog takes on incumbent Dem.  Wes McKinley. Ben calls this leans Dem hold.

2:00 – Cong. Dist. 2,3,4 and 5 Assemblies – The 4th Dist. pits Cory Gardner against Tom Lucero.

3:00- Cong. Dist. 6 Assembly

UPDATE – 11:00 a.m. Marty Neilson, CUT President and GOP SD 16 Chair –says she hasn’t seen this much enthusiasm among Colorado Republicans since the 1980s!  Wow!

Sen. Greg Brophy reports that in HD 63,  Jon Becker wonn the nomination with enough delegate votes to keep the others off the ballot.

Lynn Bartels reports as if she too has never seen this many Republicans in one place:

The hotel hallways in outside the meeting rooms are so packed it’s difficult to walk along and check out candidate tables. Think Target the day after Thanksgiving.

UPDATE 11:35 a.m:  Reclaim the Blue’s Al Maurersays it’s a “zoo.” Al just found a place to sit down and type:

I didn’t expect to see a whole lot going on at the District Assembly today in Loveland. Boy, was I wrong. The state races are not until tomorrow but all the candidates are here today with tables, signs and supporters in campaign t-shirts. I have a Dan Maes t-shirt in my bag–I’m not really a t-shirt kind of guy–and am sporting my People’s Press Collective “credentials.”

I just mat a lady from Elbert County who said this is the first time in her life when she’s met in person all the people she can vote for. What an awesome testament to the level of political activity this year.

There are also some conservative organizations present, such as the Rocky mountain Gun Owners who have recently won the right for concealed carry on Colorado campuses.

We’re also spreading The Constitutionalist Today to people from throughout the state. There is a tremendous hunger for information  that the established media are not filling. I saw one guy with a big, professional-looking video camera walking past with Dick Wadhams, but other than that I haven’t seen them in evidence. I’ve got my flip cam, though.

Gotta love those comments about the cumbersome, old-school MSM.  That’s why I call Lynn Bartels a blogger.  Bloggers are agile and resourceful.

UPDATE: Al Maurer previously tweeted that Ali Hasan has four golf carts on hand to shuttle people around.  Al observes, “nice gesture, but where’s all his money coming from.”  I would assume it’s from the usual place, mommy and daddy.

Sen. Greg Brophy – won with 100 percent and en route to re-election in November.

Greg Brophy Tweets: “Superstar Senate candidate Bob Rankin w/ 82% at assembly on to wipe out Gayle Schwartz in SD5.”

Al Maurer – Says crowd and grassroots participation is extraordinary.  Lots of new faces.  He mentioned a brand new tea party organizer that just started up an Elbert County tea party group.  She told Al they had 41 attendees at the first meeting, and 250 at the next meeting.

Marty Neilson reports at 1:35 p.m. – Ken Buck has a big presence in Room 502 at Embassy Suites.  She also said Tim Leonard had a huge group of supporters, with lots of volunteers celebrating wildly.  Leonard won the 71% needed to oust Hurlbert by two votes, according to Tim Leonard. Both candidates gave excellent acceptance speeches.  Leonard’s nomination was made by Elena Campbell and seconded by Tom Tancredo. Sen. Al White, nominated Hurlbert. Considered the most liberal member of the GOP, White was an early endorser of Hurlbert, an endorsement quickly scrubbed off Hurlbert’s  Facebook page, as noted in this Hitler video spoof.

Al Maurer reports 1:40 – possible linkage between McInnis and Joe G. gubernatorial campaigns.  Somehow, Joe G. got a copy of the delegate list under the table, a no-no.  Then, delegates were called by the same phone service used by Scott McInnis.  It’s been said it’s to McInnis’ advantage to split the anti-establishment vote between Dan Maes and Joe G. and to have all three make the August primary ballot.  Intriguing.

Lynn Bartels at 2:34 – posts about Tim Leonard’s win over DA Mark Hurlbert.  Hurlbert said he’s not sure if he’ll try to petition on or not.  He and Al White claim he’s the most electable in November.  That’s hard to believe given that in four months of campaigning he only managed to find 9 contributors in the entire district.  Leonard had 89 in the district, and 280 donors total.  Leonard raised more money this past quarter than any other GOP senate candidate.

Ali Hasan and his family contributed about 20% of the $10,200 Hurlbert raised.  Hurlbert accepted

Scott Robinson: Legal expert says Hasan case should "raise eyebrows"

the Hasan money despite having investigated Hasan on possible criminal charges in 2008 – a move that creates an appearance of impropriety and “certainly raises eyebrows,” according to noted Colorado criminal attorney, Scott Robinson.

Al White said he could use Hurlbert’s help in the senate.  No doubt Hurlbert would provide it too.  If elected he would make White the second most liberal GOP member of the senate.  Both men seem to think it’s 2008.  Hurlbert’s record of raising budgets and lobbying to raise his own pay 37.5 percent over two years during the recession, won’t draw fiscal conservatives.

Besides,  Hurlbert’s authoritarian views on medicinal marijuana, and his recent inexplicable felony prosecution of a pair of cheating women mountain bike racers in Leadville,  will hurt him with independents and Democrats.   Seemingly oblivious to public will in the matter, Hurlbert was roundly criticized throughout Colorado, nationally, and even in the Denver Post and Vail Daily editorial pages for this  money wasting prosecutorial overreach that he continues to pursue.

Congressional Races

Greg Brophy – tweets at about CD4 at 3:30p.m. – “Lucero gave the weakest speech I’ve seen; couldn’t have earned a vote for dog catcher with that weak stuff.”  Brophy further reports that Buck’s speech was very well received, and Mcinnis was well received.  Brophy calls Cory Gardner’s speech one of the best he’s ever seen. Called out Prez O big time.

Don Johnson is live blogging CD-4 on his businessword blog. He’s a master at this, with his stacatto, Hemmingwayesque prose, and has all sorts of good quotes. Don agrees with Brophy about Cory Gardner’s speech, saying it’s the “best I’ve heard all year on the campaign trail.”

Al Maurer – Reporting from CD-5 notes, with amusement, that frequent anti-Buck blog commenter, Cheri Offner is sitting in fron row.  Jane Norton is there too -as a delegate, she said “when confronted by an activist unhappy with her choice to petition on.”

4:20 p.m.  A.G. John Suthers just spoke about states’ rights to rousing applause.

Cory Gardner wins CD-4 – 5:30 Greg Brophy reports the votes:  Gardner 359, Lucero 110, Medere 123.  Cory gains sole GOP ballot spot.

On The Campaign Trail – Not at Assembly

Danny Stroud – GOP candidate for Denver’s HD 1 already gained his nomination at the local Assembly.  He reports he’ll ride his Harley tomorrow to the State Assembly, but today he’s campaigning in his district.

3 responses to “TIM LEONARD WINS SD 16 WITH 71%- KEEPS DA MARK HURLBERT OFF BALLOT-Live Blogging From Dist. Assembly: Multi-County House and Senate; Cong. Districts 2,3,4,5 and 6

  1. Greg Brophy is the only politician in recent years who has actually communicated and replied PERSONALLY with email and phone responses. How can you NOT like a guy who at least acknowledges your existance? And he’s been dead-on every conservative issue and had the guts to say it.
    As for McGinnis… isn’t he the guy who ran a number of years ago in opposition to term limits until HIS term came up?

  2. Pingback: Peoples Press Collective | Colorado Politics | Colorado Republican State Assembly: Review of Winners and Losers :

  3. I sincerely hope that voters take the time to research each candidate this election – we often don’t get what we voted for as many of the re-elected politicians go back on their campaign promises. And America is in such a way now that it is that much more important to really know your candidates and their past performance. Many of the seats that are being vacated this time around are up for grabs by junior politicians…

    A good example is in the SD2 district where I reside. Ken Kester’s seat up for grabs, you have candidates such as Matt Heimerich and Kevin Grantham vying. I do know that Matt Heimerich has been the Crowley County Commissioner for three terms and that his web site claims many achievements. Grantham on the other hand has worked in the Canon City City Council and has not attained as many so called achievements as Heimerich. But Grantham doesn’t boast of achievements that have only been partially made if at all.

    But the choice for me is clear that Heimerich has been tooting his own horn in a pompous and arrogant manner, and looking out for his own personal interests only. Crowley County is among, if not the lowest ranking county in Colorado. His claims to pushing for wind power and water rights are efforts yet to be seen in his 3 term career as commissioner here (in Crowley County). He has basically sat on his hands for many projects and proposals that would boost the overall standing of Crowley County. Last minute efforts to show “hey I did this for you as commissioner” are simply the road map to show what an inefficient commissioner he has been.

    These are the kinds of things voters really need to be aware of…not if the candidate is Republican or Democrat because no matter the party affiliation, if they can’t perform but talk a good show, then that’s about all they are good for.

    I like many other Americans I know, are simply disgusted with politicians who think they can use their office for their own personal gain at the expense of the voters who put them there. So many times, we have voted in or re-elected officials because they put on a good show come election time, but take an intermission during their terms. If I want to see a show, I’ll turn on the TV or rent a NetFlix movie. This whole process and the jobs these people are elected to and expected to perform are not a show; they ultimately affect each of our lives many years down the road.

    Please for your sake and the good of the country, vote this August and November not for the candidate who dresses the best, has the greatest smile, has raised the most in campaign funds…vote for the candidate who has a proven track record of doing right by the voters who got him or her there. Take America back from these rats and make it OUR America once again.

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