Colo. Republican State Assembly 2010 – Live Blogging: JJ Ament Crushes Hasan with over 79% for Solo on GOP Ballot; Maes edges McInnis; Buck gets 76.56

UPDATE:  Maes edges McInnis 49.35 to 48.8 for top line on ballot, 3,528 votes cast. JJ Ament ousts Ali Hasan for Treasurer for sole GOP ballot spot gaining a stunning 79% of the vote.  Ken Buck gets 76.5%, eliminating all other opponents but petitioning Jane Norton and Tom Wiens.

I am still undecided for Governor and US Senate, but was a strong supporter of JJ Ament.  Despite Hasan’s recent claims of 40 percent of the delegates, I suspected that things could work out differently with the secret ballot.  I commented on a post at the PPC, that I found it hard to believe 40% of our delegates could be so misguided.  Well they weren’t dumb and they couldn’t be bought.

Tim Leonard’s sole finish yesterday, and JJ Ament’s today show that conservatives are serious about electing intelligent and principled conservatives to turn the state around.


Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer will be doing long-distance, live blogging of today’s Republican State Assembly, where the Scott McInnis vs. Dan Maes race for Governor, and the Treasurer’s race between favorite JJ Ament and Muhammad Ali Hasan should produce the most fireworks.

(NB: Blogging not real live until 11:30 – Life intervened to put me behind schedule – I’m providing a catch-up comendium.  OK.  I was up late celebrating Tim’s win !)

Arrival – Noon

Lynn Bartels is on The Spot – watching the more than 3,500 elephants herded in for arrival at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland.  Ali Hasan’s passenger transport golf carts were on hand with Hasan volunteers behind the wheel.

Ali Hasan Volunteers Shuttle Assembly Attendees (Photo - Lynn Bartels/Denver Post)

Marty Neilson – CUT President Hey! I’m here at the Ken Buck suite. CUT has a table getting lots of traffic. The energy and enthusiasm are fantastic! If we can carry this through November, it will be a Republican victory in CO and the US!  The Budweiser Center is a great venue.

Al Maurer – Also reporting in upon for the early morning shift. Says looks like “Joe G. rounded up the homeless to wave his signs.”

Al Maurer – Further reports boredom for the next two hours.  Boring speeches and boring bureaucratic paperwork.

Al Maurer – Clive Tidwell introduced to a lukewarm reception.  Ken Buck got wild applause when he repeated his line from yesterday about walking out if the MX prez had dissed AZ.

EPAL Commentary – Buck’s line is a cheap throwaway. Conservative pundits point out the real one deserving of criticism is Obama for his dissing of the US.  We hate it if our Prez does apology tours abroad.  This is most free market, conservative MX Prez ever.  Mejicanos don’t like apology tours either, and Calderon has his own home crowd to please.  I also don’t think criticizing one law of one state is akin to criticising the US from a diplomatic etiquette POV.

And this is true whether we agree with the law or not.  If we thought one state of Mexico was doing something we didn’t like, and BO or (preferably) another prez went down and said it, nobody on our side would have a problem (some  “progressives” might).  I’d much rather hear from Buck and the others about real issues, not showy gestures – and I like Buck and agree with 80 percent of AZ law.  Just want some consistency, folks, and want to learn a lot more than we do now about our two Senate candidates.

Bob Moore at the Coloradoan – Has a great summary of Buck’s speech:

Buck drew the loudest ovation of any candidates today. Without mentioning her by name, Buck criticized former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton for bypassing the assembly process and using petitions to qualify for the Aug. 10 ballot.

“This is a great process. It is a process where our candidates need to respect the assembly by coming here and asking for your support.”

Lynn Bartels and The  Spot’s GOP Coverage crew have been doing a great job (and helping my sorry self in the process).  Some excerpts from Lynn Bartel’s gubernatorial summary.  First, on Dan Maes:

Maes got zingers in at both Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter and McInnis.  Maes said his family was behind his run. “You won’t hear me saying I have to go home for family reasons,” referring to Ritter’s decision not to seek re-election.  Maes also said he would bring a business executive background to government, not a lawyer’s background.  McInnis is a lawyer.

Definitely not a good year for GOP lawyers.   From Scott McInnis:

McInnis opened his campaign with a stunner: A Douglas County 9-12er who once backed Maes and contributed money said she “vetted and vetted and vetted” the candidates and decided to go with McInnis.  She said he has a conservative voting record and knows Colorado issues well.

McInnis talked about “jobs, jobs, jobs” and getting rid of Ritter’s executive order allowing state employees to organize.

Now that’s sounding pretty smart for a lawyer.  I believe government employee unionization bears significant responsibility for the economic crisis facing so many states, and represents the greatest threat to the country’s economic future.  Colorado needs to nip this in the bud now, before we go further down California’s road to ruin.  Hopefully McInnis, if elected, will have the backbone to resist complaints by “law and order” and “public safety” proponents who want to give carte banche to law enforcement, fire, and corrections departments.  In California, those groups have done more harm than even teachers’ unions to the state budget’s unfunded pension liabilities.

Al Maurer- further reports – JJ Ament got a very warm reception, Ali Hasan came out flashing his signs about Colorado winners, bailout losers, yadah, yadah, yadah.  Maurer reports he went almost all negtive on Ament – the first candidate of the day to have done so.

Curtis Hubbell – Political Editor at the DP – And a guy who’s always hilarious, has an amusing piece on the Microphone cut-off mania.  He seems to respect GOP Chair Dick Wadhams who can in fact make the “trains run on time.”  Curtis suggests stopwatches as the best gift for your favorite Colorado Republican this year.

Danny Stroud – GOP Candidate for House Dist. 1 – and a very thoughtful candidate rode to the Assembly this morning on his Harley.  He passed this along at about 12:30:

The nomination of Scott Gessler is in process.  Earlier the speeches for the governor and senate races were interesting, but it is clear that Republicans no longer respond to tired phrases such as “let’s take our country back.”   Neither does the “we hate Pelosi” dog hunt.  The most inspiring and well-received speeches were those that talked more generally about American Values.  People want to be inspired by someone that is like them. I call that “leading from the pack”.  It’s not a new idea, but conservatives,  and especially republicans, have lost their way of late.  It is good to see the energy.  I hope people know we are at the beginning of a long fight.

Well put.  It’s exciting because the momentum sure seems to be with us, but we have so much to undo, as well as do.  And undoing things government has already done is much harder than doing new things, enacting more programs, passing more laws, and spending more money.

Great Weekend Colorado GOP.  Thanks to Marty Neilson, Al Maurer and others (you know who you are) for keeping this long-distance blogger informed.

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