Ali Hasan Ends Colo. Treasurer Bid – Will Not Attempt Ballot Petition; Mark Hurlbert Should Follow Suit in Senate District 16

Ali Hasan, a Republican  candidate for Colorado Treasurer, just announced on his website that he will not seek to petition his way on the August primary ballot.  Hasan’s  announcement follows a stunning loss at yesterday’s Colorado Republican State Assembly, where J.J. Ament won 79 percent of the vote and Hasan only 20 percent.  By failing to win at least 30 percent, Hasan was out of the race unless he chose to pursue a petition signature path.

Hasan stated he  is “against” the petition option:

From the start of the campaign, we committed to the Assembly process.

And while a substantial amount of delegates gave us their support, we were still short of qualifying – with that said, I am a man of my word – I respect the decision of our good activists and we end our campaign here

Hasan should be applauded not only for making the right decision for the GOP and for Colorado, but by deciding quickly.  With the huge and enthusiastic turnout for the Assembly, that momentum should not be wasted in further intra-party skirmishes.

Hasan did not mention in his statement whether he would be endorsing either of his Treasurer race rivals, J.J. Ament or Walker Stapleton (who did not participate in the Assembly and is petitioning on the ballot).  Hasan noted, however,  “I look forward to helping our State Senate and House candidates win back Colorado in 2010 – and I’m really really looking forward to getting back to film directing.”

State Senate District 16 candidate, DA Mark Hurlbert,  should follow his friend’s lead after his crushing loss in that race to Tim Leonard at Friday’s District Assembly.  Leonard defeated Hurlbert by 71 percent to 29 percent,  which could free up Leonard to devote his energy and resources to beating Democrat Jeanne Nicholson, a Gilpin County Commissioner.

Some of Hurlbert’s  supporters argue that he is more “electable” in November.  At best,  this theory is based on a 2008 notion of electability, and 2010 is a very different year.  The conservative base is wildly motivated, as the grassroots assembly sweep amply demonstrates. Hurlbert’s poor showing is in part a grassroots reaction against party leaders’ attempts to handpick candidates.

Still, a petition-based challenge  would be fair enough had Hurlbert demonstrated some sort of significant support base of his own outside the conservative delegate majority with which to challenge Leonard.  But Hurlbert did not.  He ran a listless campaign that generated few volunteers and paltry fundraising.  Significantly, he found little support within the district, obtaining only nine campaign contributions in over three months of campaigning (Leonard received 89).

While Leonard raised more funds in the most recent quarter than any other GOP state Senate candidate in Colorado, generating 280 contributions and over $65,000 raised to date,  Hurlbert managed only $10,200 and a total of 39 contributors.  Of that total, $2,000 came from Ali Hasan and four of his family members-making up almost 20 percent of Hurlbert’s total fundraising.  Another $3,200 came from members of Hurlbert’s extended family.  Deducting those donors, leaves Hurlbert with only $5,000 cash raised from 27 separate donors.

For the sake of the great shot Republicans have to regain control of the state Senate with a victory in this crucial district,  Mark Hurlbert should promptly call it quits, and unite behind Tim Leonard.

14 responses to “Ali Hasan Ends Colo. Treasurer Bid – Will Not Attempt Ballot Petition; Mark Hurlbert Should Follow Suit in Senate District 16

  1. Well, the delegates have spoken and the party leaders need to listen to build to a wave of victory in November.

    Mark Hurlbert and his friend, Ali Hasan, should display good sportsmanship and support those the delegates have chosen. It appears Ali Hasan is a better sportsman than the perennially skewed, off base, egotistical, arrogant, moronic Mark Hurlbert, who doesn’t ‘get it’ and probably never will. This career government employee has been a disgrace during most of the 16 years he’s fed at the public trough.

    Congratulations to Tim Leonard for his classy, wide based campaign on the issues. I hope GOP party leaders will display their hearing lesson (hearing the delegates) and open the windows in their stuffy ivory tower and let the fresh breeze of the people’s wishes contribute to decisions.

    Congratulations to J.J. Ament for not engaging in the negative campaigning in which Ali Hasan engaged. We need someone with proven financial knowledge and backbone to guide us through the tricky waters of this economy.

    Congratulations to Dan Maes for standing up and doing what was in his heart, despite the GOP leaders choice. Again, the delegates have spoken. One suggestion would be that Dan Maes run for Governor and Scott McInnis be his Lt. Governor. Together, this would be a powerful Republican TEAM to expose the hickenritter tax and spend failures. We can’t afford to have more tax and spend. We need economic stimulus and jobs creation and a Maes/McInnis team could do that.

    This is about what’s best for Colorado, not petty egos, false ‘green’ candidates and ‘executive’ decisions which execute democracy.

    This is the time for the GOP to come together and work from the basis of what the people and the delegates have decreed.

    Dick Wadhams, are you listening? Please, do the right thing and make a mid-course adjustment, trim your sails and catch the will of the electorate. To make these adjustments will give growing, united support leading to the November elections.

    Thank you for all who’ve participated. Thank Laura and other bloggers for their insights when most of the main stream media looked the other way and tried to sell the people a bill of nonsense. Summit Daily News, where are you?? We should send out a search party for good, honest journalists with backbone.

    This isn’t about being dumbed down and our ‘leaders’ tellling us what to do. This is about our ‘representatives’ representing us and doing OUR will. Our politicians work for us, put there by OUR votes. Where is their reality check?

    Behind this all, we know that each and every one of our votes count. Speak up. Participate. Vote. REMEMBER NOVEMBER.

  2. Colorado Voter

    How could Hurlbert be more electable? He is exactly what voters across the country are rejecting. The Republican Party in SD16 made a clear decision of who they want to HIRE, not elect, come November.

    • Colorado Voter,

      Nicely put. We need a new vocabulary to convey appropriately the sort of fundamental change in the relationship of government to the citizenry that we’re after. You might have seen on my “About” page that one of my big mottos is “they work for us, not the other way around.” Very few understand that. Mark Hurlbert is certainly not one who does.

  3. I was a delegate at the Republican convention this weekend and personally saw volunteers of the Hasan campaign racially attacked verbally by other delegates. This is totally unacceptable and should be looked into. I am ashamed to have these racists in my party! I also spoke to many many delegates who said that they are not voting for Mr. Hasan solely due to his religion and race. I am disgusted!

    • Tom, thanks for your comment. It is unacceptable. I certainly heard of some (albeit a small minority) who had a problem with Ali’s being a Muslim. I don’t believe most did, though. I think most Republicans saw as the campaign progressed a lack of understanding of economics and finance, and then later, personal smears agains JJ Ament.

      I hope you got the names of the delegates involved and their campaigns and reported them to the appropriate candidate or campaign manager.

  4. I have to agree on both counts: Hurlbert should accept the verdict of the assembly as Hasan has graciously done.

    The Maes/McInnis vote was very close and I heard a few McInnis supporters grumble about the uncounted ballots–there were a few less total ballots counted than the total distributed–but the process was totally above board and the People’s Press Coalition told me that they were invited to observe the count.

    The assembly process, in this party this year, at least, was both fair and inclusive. Local precincts elected their representatives and these representatives voted for the candidates after lobbying efforts from all sides.

    For a defeated candidate to now discount either the process or the result is bad form, in my opinion. If you want to petition on to the ballot the law certainly allows you to do so but let’s not pretend the assembly process was either unfair or non-representative.

  5. Drew Dougherty

    I’ve worked for many different politicans before and Ali was easily the best, most sincere, and morally true that I’ve ever known – I know that he will do well in whatever he does next, (and will be one of the first in line for his next movie).
    Both in public and private, his persona never changed -a rarity in politics these days.

    Since day one, his top concern was what he could do for Colorado and to improve all of our Party’s candidates for office.

    I am proud to have known the Hasan’s and am proud of the campaign he ran.

    His heart will always be with the Republican Party and the people of Colorado.

    -Drew Dougherty, Campaign Manager

  6. Drew Dougherty

    Also I do want to clarify, personally, I too am disappointed in some of the tactics that delegates used during this campaign.

    Signs that were vandalized at the convention with “Muslim” and “Terriost” writtens across it.

    At one point I actually did have to have a security guard come over as my volunteers personally felt unsafe.

    I’m not suggesting that it was an organized effort, but our ‘attacks’ were always substantive and when race and religion was being used – there is no high road that can be taken.

    • Drew,

      Thanks for being stand-up and coming onto the blog and commenting. Now if Mark Hurlbert would only follow Ali’s lead so we can all move forward as Republicans to take back Colorado in November.

  7. Hurlbert should put his ego aside and resign from the campaign. Perhaps he can do many an even greater service and resign from his DA position. He is a disgrace in all aspects! Fellow politicians should take note of the public’s disdain for this moron and RUN from any further association with the “Hurler”.

  8. I also heard a few racist remarks about Ali Hasan. While I was supporting JJ because I thought he was more qualified I was disgusted when people told me they weren’t supporting Ali because of his ethnicity or religion.

    This doesn’t exist solely in the Republican party though. In my younger years I was a Democrat and heard similar epithets on that side of the aisle too.

    There are morons of every political stripe. I’d rather have good people like Ali in this country, than small minded pricks like them.

    Drew–will Ali run for the legislature in future? I think he’d be an incredible addition and would run one hell of a campaign. I think he probably broke the record in 2008 for door knocks in his district.

  9. While Ali Hasan initially impressed me at the Jeffco Assembly with his “divest from the bailout” proposal, his speech at the state convention made me and several others lose a lot of respect for him. He came off as too brash, too much of a playboy, and his closing comment about telling the Democrats to “stick it you-know-where” struck me as too vulgar.

    I was also disappointed that his divestment proposal had significant problems on further examination.

    I do think religion and ethnicity are sometimes a topic for legitimate questions.

    Some of the attacks on Hasan were just crude or uncalled for.

    Rumors about shariah banking? (via a delegate talking to JJ Ament in a conference call)

    And did one of my favorite senators Ted Harvey really make Hasan’s (generally correct) opposition to sanctions on Sudan and Iran an issue?

    On the other hand, Colorado has had a lot of bad luck with radical Islam since Sayyid Qutb’s days in Greeley. And unfortunately religious and ethnic diversity is used as a leftist excuse to further de-Christianize the country and make us more PC, to the point where we blind ourselves to people like the Ft. Hood Shooter (the same surname was a bad break for Ali).

    Perhaps a better campaign would anticipate such concerns.

  10. Kevin,

    Please keep commenting. Smart candor like yours is needed. Everyone wants to tiptoe around certain issues, or make attacks. But those tactics fail to resolve anything. Heck, I’ve tiptoed a bit myself.

    You made so many good points, but perhaps the best was the need to anticipate the obvious issues before embarking on a campaign. It’s an unfortunate reality, but a reality still, that as a Muslim Ali would be under more scrutiny than most. The best way to deal with that is not to act like a feckless playboy for whom money is so little an object of concern that he can’t even calculate how much he’s spent. Nor is it wise to talk hyperbolically on blogs about the DA who spared you a criminal prosecution as the “best DA in America.”

    It follows, that it’s really not wise to then contribute more to that DA than to other much more deserving GOP candidates. I truly presume Ali innocent. But to pass the smell test, why not donate the $2,000 given to Hurlbert to the Vail Valley Medical Center instead, to pick one of thousands of possible recipients?

    I’ve come under a lot of attack for my reporting on these issues. But better me, than the Dems on the attack against our candidates in the general. I am sure that Dems are crying in their Hick-brewed beer that candidates such as JJ Ament and Tim Leonard will be fighting their candidates with no primary opponents.

  11. I didn’t see any of Hasan’s many signs defaced nor hear any comments about his (presumably) Islamic faith at either the county or state assemblies.

    He mentioned that his family had left Pakistan in 1971: there was a great deal of turmoil in Pakistan at that time, with the war that resulted in East Pakistan becoming Bangladesh and Gen Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (father of Benazir) becoming president. I expect they were political refugees and I for one am glad to have met him.

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