Black Panther Voter Intimidation Prosecutor Resigns Justice Dept.: Failure to Prosecute Part of Pattern Of Obama Hostility Towards Racial Neutrality in Civil Rights

A top-level, career prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice, J. Christian Adams,  has resigned his post in protest against alleged racially biased enforcement of federal voting rights laws under Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder.  The final straw was “untruthful”  testimony given by an Obama political appointee about the merits of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case in Pennsylvania.

Adams summarized the case that he and other lawyers won in court, but which Holder didn’t want to follow through to a final judgment:

On Election Day 2008, armed men wearing the uniforms and jackboots of the New Black Panther Party were posted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the entrance to a polling site. They brandished a weapon and intimidated voters. After the election, the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice brought a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and these armed thugs. I, and other Justice lawyers, obtained an entry of default after the defendants ignored the case against them.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Adams continues, with this legal assessment:

Before a final judgment could be entered, however, our superiors ordered dismissal of the claims.

Congress has sought answers from the Department about why the Black Panther case was dismissed. The Department has repeatedly claimed the “facts and law” did not support the case — which of course is false. Others have speculated about a White House involvement. But I believe the best explanation for the corrupt dismissal of the case is the profound hostility by the Obama Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department towards a race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws.

This hostility was — and is — on open display within the Department of Justice.

Example after example exists where this dirty little secret manifested itself within the Department and affected Department policy.

Attorney General Holder and his political appointees have traveled the country claiming that they have “reopened” the Civil Rights Division. The Civil Rights Division is “back in business,” they announce, without a sniff of media scrutiny. In time, statistics and other information will present truth to this lie, as the Bush Civil Rights Division had a more robust civil rights agenda than the Obama Civil Rights Division. During the Bush years, the Civil Rights Division brought more cases in many areas of the law, particularly voting rights.

The case has been stirring interest in the conservative blogosphere since making news in Philly in November 2008, but has only just been picked up by traditional media.  Fox is now headlining the story.

Back in 2008, Philadelphia’s mayor and DA insisted peopled needed to move on, nothing to see here.  These two local politicos, with possible racial motivations of their own, claimed these thugs had every right to be where they were, minding their own business – obviously the same forced-narrative Holder has tried to popularize.

Adams will now be testifying before Congress, without fear of reprisal from his old boss.

Every prosecutor  claims the “facts and law” do or don’t support a prosecution, depending on whether the prosecutor wants to bring charges. Frequently, these conclusions are based on well-considered legal analysis, but not always.  When the analysis is clearly erroneous or pretextual, prosecutors have a duty to speak out and not participate in the facade. Unfortunately, in the real world, few do.  Christian Adams and his colleagues at Justice are exceptions.

Colorado U.S.  Senate candidate, Ken Buck, is another exception.   Buck, the leading Republican Senate candidate and Weld County district attorney, recently came under fire by his primary opponent for advising defense counsel about the weakness of a case he and other career prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’ office had declined to file, but their new Democrat boss, Tom Strickland, decided to pursue.   Buck’s school marm of a  Senate opponent, Jane Norton,  is not a lawyer and perhaps failed to understand that Ken Buck’s client was not his politically opportunistic boss, a two-time failed Democrat Senate candidate, most recently known for being hoisted out of the Grand Canyon while on a rafting trip so he could attend to his duties as Ken Salazar’s assistant in the Gulf of Mexico.

Both former federal prosecutors,  Christian Adams and Ken Buck,  demonstrated that the ethical obligation of all prosecutors is to the rule of law and the pursuit of justice, not the pursuit of the agenda of their bosses.

7 responses to “Black Panther Voter Intimidation Prosecutor Resigns Justice Dept.: Failure to Prosecute Part of Pattern Of Obama Hostility Towards Racial Neutrality in Civil Rights

  1. You seem to be miss the fact that Buck did not prosecute the case. It was pursued by two other Assistant U S Attorneys(in Colorado).
    It is not the role of Ken Buck to be co-counsel with defense counsel, who, also, had another client, some of the victims of the Columbine gun slaughter. Buck admitted he made a mistake.
    Seemingly, that cloud under which he left the U S Attorney’s office.
    Granted, Ms Norton is not an attorney, who ever stood up to prosecute a person in her life.
    Serving Sliverado interests is indeed distinct from serving the interests of the U S Government, as some in Colorado surely know.
    However, the Iran Contra Committee Dick Cheney card will be raised, as sure as the sun rises. Just not by Norton, but after August, how you going to spin that Laura, some verdad taco sauce Oct Suprises, not as an independent analysis, but from a HARD CORE GOP PERSPECTIVE…

  2. 1) No man suffers injustice without learning, vaguely but surely, what justice is. ~Isaac Rosenfeld

    2) It ain’t no sin if you crack a few laws now and then, just so long as you don’t break any. ~Mae West

    3) Our government… teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. ~Louis Dembitz Brandeis

    So, Buck does not make the law,(as a DOJ Denver executive branch official) he took an oath to “take care” that all laws shall be carried out, diligently, and faithfuly.
    So, which applies, May West, or Brandeis ?

  3. I don’t get what the big deal is. I mean, if those two people showed up at my polling place, I would just kick the living crap out of them, and send them on their way, particularly given the fact that all they had were billy clubs.

    I can’t believe, in Philly, that someone didn’t just take care of it in the old Irish way.

    • Ken,

      I like your style. Unfortunately, most people are a lot more panzied out these days, than you or I. Your approach would have made for an appropriate and much more entertaining video. Of course the DA in Philly would have prosecuted those keeping the polls open as felons in such a situation, and assuredly, Eric Holder would have come on board for a follow-up federal prosecution.

  4. Yes, Eric Holder, and his Marc Rich baggage.
    Did you know that Scooter Libby(his Firm) was Marc Rich’s lawyer, and made a bundle off of this Mar Rich.
    ironic, the same Scooter Libby who now has no bar ticket, because he did some bidding for Dick Cheney. Who buy the way, hired Ken Buck out of law school(U of Wyoming mid 1980’s).
    For what you might ask: For Cheney’s agenda to obstruct the Iran Conta Investigation.
    And, do you recall that it was cCheney who filed an ethics complaint agaisnt then Speak Jim Wright, linked to the lil central American banana republic follies, then.
    So, FOX News is realy making hay out the Philly Black Panter Story, who knows they probably read your blog. Of course this is being fanned by soem ex DOJ guy who resigned, and claimed he was tod by an Assistant Attorney General, that they will be no DOJ prosecutions of the defendant is black.
    eric Holder, si rally bad news.
    Oh by the way, did you know that Eric holder’s Law Firm represented para military death squads in central America(his revolving door Covington and Burlington D C Firm)
    Let me check, the goolge key words on that search:
    The Chiquita banana problem:

    Snippets off googles:

    Chiquita, one of the world’s most recognizable brands exports more than 2.4 billion pounds of bananas from Colombia to North America each and every year, but in the highly competitive banana trade being one of the top producers comes with a price.

    From 1997 to 2004 Chiquita funneled $1.7 million in protection money to the AUC. These two groups have been responsible for some of the worst massacres in Colombia’s civil conflict and account for a sizeable percentage of the country’s cocaine exports.

    On September 10, 2001, the AUC was designated by the U.S. government as a foreign terrorist organization.

    Chiquita claims they paid the protection money to keep their employees safe from the para-military groups, but victims’ families disagree.
    Eric Holder was doing the bidding of the bad guys. Ahhhh, the same Eric Holder who is Attorney General of the USA.
    He has a sordid history, why is he even Attorney General, was that change…???

  5. Wel, the topic on Black Panthers is compromised justice due to political games.
    That is something that has a long sordid history in America

    Significantly, in 2001, Scooter Libby did a vicious attack on the federal prosecutors in New York in the Marc Rich matter.(Mr Rich was a fugitive from justice):

    read, for starters:
    Metal Men: How Marc Rich Defrauded the Country, Evaded the Law, and Became the World’s Most Sought-After Corporate Criminal [Paperback

    As we all in America saw, Mr Libby(the Chief Assistant to V P Cheney) was later prosecuted, on obstruction of justice.
    He stayed of of jail due to a Bush pardon.
    So, in one senes this Libby, Cheney, Eric Holder cabal seem to have a lot in common.
    Whether this spills over into the U S Senate race, is anyone’s guess, since Buck was a Cheney errand boy, once. Just like the ex A G for Colorado was a Jim Watt errand girl back in D C.
    Just like Buck swooped into Colorado during a very bizzare time in its history, AKA the Silverado ERA..

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