Dan Maes Posts Weak Fundraising Numbers for June in Colorado Governor’s Race

Dan Maes, the grassroots Republican candidate for Colorado governor, reported less than $32,000 in campaign contributions for the June reporting period, according to his filing with the Secretary of State’s office late Tuesday night.  By contrast, his Republican primary opponent, Scott McInnis, posted a respectable $170,000.  And Democrat John Hickenlooper, raised over $500,000.

This low contributions number has to come as a disappointment to Maes supporters, as it is the first reporting period following Maes’ upset victory at the State Assembly, where Maes edged out establishment candidate, Scott McInnis.  The campaign hoped the assembly win would convince contributors that Maes could win and backing him would be a good political investment.  But the $32,000 total is essentially the same as what the Maes campaign raised in the prior reporting period.

Worse, the low fundraising report follows on the heels of news that Maes has  just agreed to settle campaign finance violation charges with a fine of  over $27,000.  The violations involved improper reimbursements from the campaign to Maes directly for such things as mileage expenses.

Both of these campaign finance developments, combined with a recent poll,  mean that Scott McInnis really is the only Republican candidate who can beat the popular, liberal Dem in moderate drag, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.  Hopefully, McInnis will hop off  his lofty perch, talk to the mainstream media and the bloggers, and stir up the grassroots base and fiscally conservative independents.  Coloradans literally cannot afford a Hickenlooper victory.

6 responses to “Dan Maes Posts Weak Fundraising Numbers for June in Colorado Governor’s Race

  1. “Both of these campaign finance developments mean that Scott McInnis really is the only Republican candidate who can beat the popular, liberal Dem in moderate drag, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.”

    That is a huge leap of [misguided] logic. It means nothing other than the Republican establishment is supporting the “it’s my turn” candidate” once again. If Dan Maes wins the nomination from McInnis, the money will flood in. Any moderately aware watcher of the political scene knows that this is the case every election cycle. One need only look at the financial struggles of John McCain prior to his securing the nomination and compare it with the amount of money raised following (speaking of it’s my turn candidates). We have to ask ourselves, do we want a candidate beholden to the party elite or one who is responsive to the needs and wishes of the people? Vote McInnis for the former, Maes for the latter.

    • Tim,

      Thank you for commenting. I really like Dan Maes, and I think my post makes clear that I’m no huge fan of SM. Dan needed a big fundraising month, and didn’t come close to getting it. Admittedly, I don’t know all of the ins and outs of McCain’s financial struggles, but we can see what that election left us with. The fact is, Dan won’t stand a chance with this fundraising – 6.4 percent of the Dem candidate just will not cut it.

      Personally, I don’t care that much about the campaign finance violations; but the dems sure will. And the employer stuff is so simple even I knew about it long ago. It does seem a bit careless.

      Would I prefer Dan over Scott in November? Absolutely. Would I prefer Scott over Hick? Absolutely. Unfortunately, it appears as if the latter choice is the only one we have. Please convince me and other grassroots types that we’re all wrong at this point – hopefully without referring to the McCain word. I’d love to be convinced I’m wrong.

      I did do a bit of a logical leap by only thinking about and not mentioning the poll numbers. That’s the other problem. I’ll fix the post to correct that lapse.

  2. If you check the Secretary of States website re: campaign incomes….McInnis’ campaign received 35% less last month than the prior months. Maes campaign received 5% more. While Maes numbers aren’t as high as McInnis….they will be when he gets on the ballot against Hickenlooper. Personally, I don’t want to “settle” again this election…..as one person said, “holding our noses” to vote. I can’t do that. I’ll stick with Maes, he didn’t receive an acknowledgement from the Coloradoforethics.org website as McInnis did for being one of the top 5 ethics scandals in 2009. McInnis left a phone message talking about his 527, which he legally shouldn’t know about or be involved in at all. Then there’s the $100,000 payment to his campaign manager, his wife, after he was elected, his $300,000 payment from the Hasan Foundation for his Musings on Water…..the foundation’s premise is to educate Americans about Muslims and the S. Asian cultures, also using pac money for a mailing. McInnis really knows how to be a politician that so many people are so tired of.

    • Hi Whitney:

      Thanks for your comment. I wrote a comment on Ben DeGrow’s piece today on this race and mentioned the “holding the nose” thing. As I mentioned to commenter Tim, I like Dan and would prefer him to Scott. You raise a good point on the “water musings” piece. That’s been way underreported, and I’m overdue to report on it a bit myself. The gall of calling it “musings” is bad in itself. But raising $32k and having to give back $27k of it is pretty bad. I’m still open to being convinced, though. I’m the hope springs eternal type. So I do think Dan should go for the gusto through the primary and let the voters decide.

  3. Great…keep an open mind, Laura, and check out his opponent on coloradoforethics.org. My first time keeping track of political races and what certain candidates have done………..

  4. coloradoforethics.org is a progressive site. Paying attention to a site like this equates to that of paying attention to media matters… IT DOESN’T

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