Tancredo: Wadhams Called McInnis “Untrustworthy,” Maes A “Joke”

Tom Tancredo and Colorado Gop Chair Dick Wadhams appeared this morning on  Peter Boyles’ KHOW radio show, and Tancredo immediately accused Wadhams’ of telling him many times, and “in more ways than one,” that Scott McInnis was “untrustworthy” and Dan Maes was a “joke.” Wadhams then called Tancredo a liar, which prompted Boyles to jump in to defend Tancredo. Boyles backed Tancredo up, saying Wadhams had told him the very same thing many times in private conversations.

Wadhams blasted back that Tancredo had told him at the State Assembly that he wanted to “exploit” the power of his supporters among the delegates to keep Maes off the ballot.  Tancredo admitted this without hesitation, and said to Wadhams, “and you said that was a good idea, didn’t you?”

The lively and combative exchange is not only entertaining, but may have provided some new revelations on the permutations and combinations triggered by a Tancredo gubernatorial candidacy.  It is a must-listen.

The entire radio show from this morning is here, and the Tancredo-Wadhams bout begins at the 10:15 mark.

Regardless of what you think about the issues, one thing is clear:  Tancredo mopped the floor with Wadhams as a debater.  Not that he needed any help, but he got it from Boyles,  who was merciless with Wadhams and took on a role akin to an aggressive defense attorney.

The brawl seemed to leave open the possibility that Tancredo would drop out if the GOP replaced the winner of the August 10 primary with a candidate “stronger” than Tancredo.   But with no symmetrical agreement by Wadhams to support Tancredo and not appoint a GOP successor if Tancredo were polling stronger after the primary, Tancredo and counsel Boyles weren’t ready to settle the dispute quite yet.

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