Photo Of The Day: Welcoming Message For Spanish-Only Voters In Colo. Primary

The Denver Post captured this  overly-welcoming message for U.S. citizens (or maybe not) too complacent to learn one of the most basic words in English, “here.”

Election worker Colin Sebern takes a ballot and hands an "I Voted!" sticker to a person dropping off their ballot at the Denver Elections Division located at 200 W. 14th Ave. in downtown Denver Tuesday morning. (Judy DeHaas, The Denver Post)

In case anyone was concerned that adding “aqui’ ” didn’t make the message clear enough for those with absolutely no understanding of English, “vote” is also the imperative mood form of the verb “votar” so it means the same thing in Spanish as in English, except it’s pronounced voh’-teh.   How convenient.

Hard to believe anyone aqui’ in the EUA for the seven years or more it would take to become a citizen would not know such a basic term.  Verdad?

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