Denver DA Mitch Morrissey Will Not Charge Cops in Jail Homicide of Marvin Booker

Keeping with his pattern of not charging cops even when they admit to lying in reports  or are caught on tape,  Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey released a repor stating he will not file charges against any of the five Denver cops involved in the homicide of Marvin Booker at the Denver jail on July 9, 2010.

Marvin Booker

The only basis not to press charges in a homicide would be if the homicide were legally justified.   Thus, that’s what Morissey determined.  Morrissey has refused to file charges in numerous excessive force by police cases during his reign.  Denver Mayor Hickenlooper has remained aloof from the fray in this police department, which has more misconduct complaints per capita than any department in the country.

The public is hard pressed to evaluate the case, as no reports have been released nor has the video of the entire incident, taken by four different cameras.  While it is typical for District Attorneys’ offices not to release their internal investigations, the Denver Police has refused to release anything about the case – an action not so typical or legally required.  We still don’t know the name of any of these five government employees.

Here’s another case that Morrissey declined to prosecute, and which lead finally to the “resignation” of Hickenlooper’s incompetent DPD “Safety Director,” Ron Perea – written on Hickenlooper’s own letterhead by hand.

Michael De Herrera was beaten by an officer’s leather covered metal sap. Normal people would view the cop’s conduct as felony aggravated assault, as all the young man did was call his Dad for advice on his cell phone.  His dad is a deputy sheriff with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s office.  Here’s the video of the incident, as well as interviews with the victim and his father, at ABC’s Good Morning America.

The prior whitewashes of DPD misconduct and the lack of transparency in the Booker investigation have garnered a lot of criticism at the Denver Post, and by the National Review Online’s Colorado political correspondent, Mike Sandoval.

One response to “Denver DA Mitch Morrissey Will Not Charge Cops in Jail Homicide of Marvin Booker

  1. To whom it may concern:
    Shame!Shame!Mitch Morrissey never met a police officer he did not like or protect!
    Strong wafts of “a Brave New World” or “1984”/
    Sincerely yours

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