Fox News Poll: Tom Tancredo Now Within 3 of John Hickenlooper For Colo. Governor

Tom Tancredo has edged within 3 points of  Denver Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper in the latest Fox News Poll.  Hickenlooper now takes 47 percent of the vote to Tancredo’s 44 percent.  Maes drew just 6 percent support, down from 10 percent two weeks ago.  Seventy three percent of Republicans backed Tancredo over their party’s nominee.  Tancredo told crowds this past weekend  he needs 80 percent GOP support to win.

The poll of 1,000 likely voters was conducted for Fox News by Pulse Opinion Research on October 30.  The poll has a 3 point margin of error, making the race a toss-up.  Full demographic cross-tabs are here, and the complete questionnaire is here.  The Fox News article also has the polls for  key races in other battleground states.

One response to “Fox News Poll: Tom Tancredo Now Within 3 of John Hickenlooper For Colo. Governor

  1. What is truly pathetic is that this was the GOP’s year in Colorado, yet they in their infinite stupidity teed up the usual assortment of weak, deeply flawed errand boys and girls for special interests (Jane Norton, Mike McInnis) who had the imprimatur of Larry Mizel and others who control the State GOP. Result: Dickinpooper waltzes in, and the infinitely beatable Bennet squeaks by. DickwadHams should hang himself, but, since he was only doing what he was told in running weak candidates who are no threat to Wall Street, Big Oil, the Military-Industrial Complex, or other enemies of the People, perhaps that is too harsh. One might wonder if DickwadHams is actually working for Obama and his friends.

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