Colorado Female Basketball Coach Faces Felony Charges For Sex With 17-1/2 Year Old Male “Child” – Basalt High Teacher Lauren Redfern Charged by Eagle DA Mark Hurlbert

Basalt High's Lauren Redfern Coaching Her Girls Basketball Team - Aspen Times

In a bizarre story of legislative ineptitude, sure to invoke the ire of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly for all the wrong reasons, Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert has charged the hot, athletic, 25-year old Lauren Redfern with several acts of consensual sex with a male “child” who was also a student at Colorado’s Basalt High where Ms. Redfern taught him a P.E. class.  I kid you not, Ms. Redfern faces 16 long years in prison for this joke of a charge that at most should be a misdemeanor.

The Aspen Dailey News shares some details, as does the Aspen Times.  The Swift-owned Times explains the “nuances” of Colorado laws on young adults having sex with relatively old minors:

Colorado law has some nuances when it comes to sexual relations between people in their late teens and adults. An 18-year-old can have a consensual sexual relationship with an older adult, even a teacher, without a crime being committed, McWilliam said. That would violate policies of most schools, but it isn’t a crime because an 18-year-old is considered an adult.

A 17-year-old can have sexual relations with an adult of any age as long as it’s not a person in a position of trust — such as a teacher, according to McWilliam.

Sorry, but the hot adults a late teen is likely to meet are these “people of trust.”  Late teens generally can’t go to bars and meet untrustworthy adults there.  (I’ll be blogging later about how head District Attorneys in positions of trust are rewarded instead of punished for far worse sexual transgressions in Colorado’s 18th Judicial District as we follow the re-election bid of DA Elizabeth Oldham (RINO – Grand County).  Here’s a couple blog posts of mine from 2010 about DA Oldham and her transgressions.)

Back to the hot action at Basalt High.  How were these sexual encounters discovered?  Apparently the gossip mill was running at full-tilt in Basalt and school officials discovered the relationship while collecting their union paychecks.

Man-child “X”, the alleged victim,  is now 18, and did not seek to have charges pressed, nor did his family.  But according to nanny-state enabler Eagle County Undersheriff Mike McWilliam, this doesn’t matter one little bit.  “It’s really not in their hands,” McWilliam said of alleged victims in these heinous cases.  These are cases where we, “The People of the State of Colorado” are the aggrieved party.

Meanwhile, plenty of real dangerous criminals run free in Colorado and even down here in Los Cabos, Mexico, where real victims want real charges filed.  But they aren’t.

ExPat ExLawyer herself is one such victim here in Mexico.  Right now, I’m blogging from the left – not politically speaking -no, never.  Literally speaking.  My right arm was shattered in an unprovoked attack and I just had surgery involving six screws and one titanium plate.  The assailant meanwhile is still running around loose.  I’ll be blogging about my experience with the Mexican criminal justice system soon.

3 responses to “Colorado Female Basketball Coach Faces Felony Charges For Sex With 17-1/2 Year Old Male “Child” – Basalt High Teacher Lauren Redfern Charged by Eagle DA Mark Hurlbert

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  3. Am I really the only person to comment on elizabeth oldhams ethics?,after reading about her,i sent the judge a request for an unbiased and somewhat ethical D.A. in writing,including a copy of the “grand county uncensored” issue date 1/13/2012, and believe it or not, i was DENIED a different D.A. to look at an ongoing problem i am having concerning my assault by a mentally disabled man inside my apartment on 4/16/2011, he keeps coming at me and the cops won’t honor the judges protection order,so i actually was told by judge to file for a civil protection order. I have filed a complaint against officer roy ybarra, for neglect of duty, i’m sure was filed in the trash; i’ve asked about it, but was told they “were still looking into it”, I am assuming that means they are still ‘looking for it’. I have typed a statement,which is both a warning to public and complaint against public officers, which is the first action i am taking. if it does not elicit a compromise i feel suitable-things will escalate from there,it says that on the statement. i just can’t live like this anymore,if i have to do a public exhibition of some kind to to get justice of some kind, i really don’t have that much to lose, i’m complaining until something is done, i read the first amendment last night, i really was kind of ignorant of my rights, as i didn’t go to high school, but i wish i would have gone now. i was impressed after reading it, as i could see the depth of the concern for all, in each different article, they were thinking of every angle imaginable,to any kind of event a person could be the cause of grief for someone of, and you might want to google my name and see what comes up ,then google complaints against grand county justice officers, every time i looked someone up,my first thought is YIKES! karin wrape (970)726-9695

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