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Legal Quote Of The Week: E.B. White On Obstruction Of Justice

OK.  The quote is from 1973 – so it’s not exactly from this week, but I just saw it.

E.B. White

Regardless, this  New York Times Op Ed from grammarian par excellence and Charlotte’s Web author E.B. White, couldn’t be more timely given what a disaster our legal system is.  The piece is titled, “Goings on in the Barnyard.”

When The Times asked me to report on what’s being said in my barnyard about Watergate, I immediately sought an audience with the goose. She is sore at me at the moment but is always willing to talk.

ME What is your feeling about Liddy?

GOOSE G. Gordon? One of the greats — a man of enormous verve, a bungler of immense promise. Liddy should be president.

ME Should Nixon resign?

GOOSE Yes. He should resign in favor of Liddy, who is one of the greats. Liddy carries a gun, which is what the Oval Room needs.

ME But Liddy is in jail.

GOOSE I know that, and the jail has been revitalized by his presence. The inmates love him.

ME Do you think justice was obstructed?

GOOSE Of course. Justice was obstructed along with everything else. The purpose of the executive branch is to obstruct. That’s why we need Liddy in there.

And how sad is it, that this distinguished man of letters, who passed away in 1985 from Alzheimer’s, didn’t get to see the fantastic film version of his delightful for all ages novel.

H/T to Scott Greenfield and his best in the U.S. criminal law blog, Simple Justice. The guy’s blog is great, because he’s a savvy constitutionalist and a believer in personal responsibility instead of  victimhood liberalism, unlike most criminal defense lawyers.