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Fox News Poll: Tom Tancredo Now Within 3 of John Hickenlooper For Colo. Governor

Tom Tancredo has edged within 3 points of  Denver Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper in the latest Fox News Poll.  Hickenlooper now takes 47 percent of the vote to Tancredo’s 44 percent.  Maes drew just 6 percent support, down from 10 percent two weeks ago.  Seventy three percent of Republicans backed Tancredo over their party’s nominee.  Tancredo told crowds this past weekend  he needs 80 percent GOP support to win.

The poll of 1,000 likely voters was conducted for Fox News by Pulse Opinion Research on October 30.  The poll has a 3 point margin of error, making the race a toss-up.  Full demographic cross-tabs are here, and the complete questionnaire is here.  The Fox News article also has the polls for  key races in other battleground states.


Dan Maes Cuts Hickenlooper Lead to 8 Points in Latest Colo. Governor’s Poll

Republican candidate Dan Maes has gained on Democrat John Hickenlooper in the latest poll  from Reuters/Ipsos, and now trails him by only 8 percentage points, 41-33 percent.  Tom Tancredo is running a distant third at 16 percent. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points.  And, in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup,  the poll shows Hickenlooper and Maes tied 45-45.

The Reuters poll also shows a four percentage point narrowing of the spread between Hickenlooper and  Maes since the Rasumussen survey conducted on August 11, the day after the primary.  That poll, with the same margin of error, showed Hickenlooper 43, Maes 31, and Tancredo 18.

Though the Maes campaign has not yet commented on the poll, my read is that long-delayed critical coverage of Hickenlooper’s mismanagement of the Denver Police Department has resonated with voters.  Though the polling was conducted August 20-22, the scandal has been erupting for the past two weeks.

Today, the Hick’s  childishly defensive police chief, Gerald Whitman, made a front page story where his tears practically oozed from the Denver Post’s home page, and was mocked in an opinion piece by Denver Post Editor Chuck Plunkett.   All of this follows on the heels of the resignation of Denver Police Department Safety Manager Ron Perea over several beating and perjury incidents by Denver Police officers in which Perea went against investigative recommendations and gave wrist slaps that Hickenlooper had defended before becoming embroiled in electoral turmoil.

Ken Buck Leads Bennet 49-40 in Reuters Colo. Senate Poll

In a poll released today,  Reuters/Ipsos reports Colorado Republican Ken Buck leads appointed Democrat Senator Michael Bennet 49-40 percent.  The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points.  The Reuters surveys tend to be liberal leaning, so the news bodes well for the Buck campaign’s  focus on Bennet’s “rubber stamp” support for Barack Obama’s failed economic policies.

The Reuters poll also shows a jump for Buck since the Rasumussen survey conducted on August 11, the day after the primary.  That poll, with the same margin of error, showed Buck with a 46-41 lead over  the appointed Democrat incumbent  Bennet.

Hickenlooper 43, Maes 31, Tancredo 18 in Rasmussen’s First Post-Primary Colo. Governor Poll

In the first post-primary Colorado governor’s race poll, Rasmussen reports Republican nominee, Dan Maes, received a higher than expected 31 percent of the votes when pitted against Democrat Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and former Congressman Tom Tancredo, running under the American Constitution Party banner.  Hickenlooper received 43 percent and Tancredo 18 percent. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate in the race, and only five percent (5%) are undecided.

Virtually everyone believes Hickenlooper will win the governorship if the race remains a three-way contest, and Colorado is now ranked Solid Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Gubernatorial Scorecard.

Rasmussen conducted its  survey of 750 Likely Voters  on August 11, 2010, the day after the Colorado primary.  The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Ken Buck Leads Michael Bennet 46-41 In Rasmussen Colo. Senate Poll

In the first poll conducted since Colorado’s August 10, 2010 primary, Republican nominee Ken Buck leads appointed Democrat Senator Michael Bennet 46-41 percent, Rasmussen reports.  The survey of 750 Likely Voters in Colorado was conducted on August 11. The margin of sampling error is +/-4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Rasmussen notes:

Colorado Republicans appear to have come back together a bit quicker than Democrats. Buck now gets 88% support from GOP voters, while 79% of Democrats support Bennet. The Republican leads by just five points among voters not affiliated with either party.

These results are similar to those from before the primary.

Bennet was the Denver school superintendent who was named to the Senate early last year when Ken Salazar resigned to join President Obama’s Cabinet. A county prosecutor, Buck has consistently led Bennet in matchups back to March, capturing 44% to 48% of the vote. Bennet in those same surveys has earned 38% to 42% support.

The poll is great news for Republicans, as Buck was underfunded in the primary.  According to the Denver Post, Buck raised only $1 million compared to $8 million by the Obama-backed Bennet.  Bennet reportedly has $1.6 million in the bank,  but the GOP establishment is gearing up to provide generous funding to Buck, and it is widely believed the 527 and PAC support provided Buck’s establishment opponent, Jane Norton, will now inure to Buck.  The National Republican Senatorial campaign has also set up a Bennet:  Wrong for Colorado website.  And Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, will continue to support Buck, after providing considerable support for his primary campaign.