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Elizabeth Oldham, Steamboat Spring DA, Ethics Violations Article Updated

DA Elizabeth’s Oldham’s ethics violations were the subject of one of my first blog posts.

Elizabeth Oldham: 14th District DA and Former Mark Hurlbert Chief Deputy (Steamboat Pilot & Today Photo)

Recently, my source link interview article about these ethics violations was removed from the Internet by the author, based on local pressure in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

When I discovered this, and all the views the article was garnering recently, I became concerned that readers would become confused or think I wasn’t backing up the story.  The author, Tom Reuter, kindly provided me a pdf of the original article which is embedded in the updated post here.

Also, since the initial publication, I conducted original research and have greatly expanded the article.  I also removed some names to protect innocent victims.

Update: Steamboat publisher and editor, Tom Reuter, has reviewed this post and the updated article and confirms their accuracy.