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The scales of justice are out of balance, just as this photo taken unaltered from the Colorado Supreme Court website demonstrates in a welcome display of government transparency (intentional or not).  Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer believes government is supposed to work for “We the People” and not the other way around.  

We focus on legal and political issues from a conservative/libertarian point of view, strongly supporting all civil liberties, including property rights, freedom of speech, Second Amendment, and criminal justice issues.   Our Colorado politics coverage centers on the need for unyielding fiscal conservatism, transparency, education reform, and the economic killer-plague of public employee unions.   

We started this blog because the mainstream media, both in the metro areas and the small towns, fail in general to cover local politicians in a critical manner, and instead often turn their “articles” into nothing other than press releases for the politicians they depend upon for their stories.

Ex Pat Ex-Lawyer welcomes suggestions from any readers about what might need covering that’s not being covered adequately, and we appreciate all comments be they critical, flattering or somewhere in between.

18 responses to “About Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer

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  4. You are AWESOME!! Had heard about your blog but never read it until today. Subscribed immediately!

  5. Robert L. Derrera

    Laura, I enjoy your diligence at the DP forum site. The level of “noise” from emotional and, regrettably not too bright, posters is a distraction from the occasional posters there who contribute comments that keep me coming back. You are one of those people.
    Keep it up, as there are too few of us talking and writing about the ineptitude, and often, neglect by the people elected and appointed to serve us, but don’t.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment. I have always felt your screen name well deserved, and you took a big risk in choosing it, but you’ve consistently backed it up. Oh, and I mean that apart from your compliments about me.

  6. Dem. Jeanne Nicholson CO State Sen16 Campaign Finance Irregularities

    Hi Laura – there have been three complaints made by two separate individuals against Democrat Jeanne Nicholson’s campaign finance reporting at the Secretary of State’s office. Evidently, there are omissions, instances of carelessness and/or negligence. By law any citizen may file a complaint. And by law a court hearing must be scheduled within 2 weeks of that complaint being filed. Jeanne Nicholson has asked for and been granted a 30-day continuance. A lot of good that does after the election! I’m outraged after all the lies she has perpetuated against her opponent, Tim Leonard, the liberal SOS office can just postpone this. I’m further outraged that the mainstream media who is sniffing around that office every day, refuses to track this story. Can you please help? Contact me so that I may put you in touch with the two complainants.
    Frosted in Evergreen

  7. Laura,

    Do you have any information on the Colorado military mail-in ballot issue?

    • Hi Bill:

      Yes, I just read it this morning and was in such shock even I sent a disgusted email to Hurlbert over it. It really seems like the guy intentionally gives the lightest deals to the worst cases, and then goes all rabid on weak cases. He’s a regular Captain Ahab going after trial number 3 in the Dennis Flint case over in Summit – and that’s after a jury hung 9-3 for not guilty in trial number 2. I had already blanned to write about this and now I’m even more sure after seeing the public interest in it.

  8. Bill, an additional point. Another pattern with Hurlbert is that he seems to go light on defendants that are connected and/or wealthy, hard on victims that are not. He let off Ali Hasan, Erik Rockne, this guy, Kobe Bryant, and I cannot think of one rich person he’s gone hard on. Do you know of any? I imagine if the victim in this hit and run had been a wealthy local, as opposed to wealthy New Yorker, the case might have come down differently.

  9. How about a follow up piece on Hurlbert – in light of this:


  10. Dear Laura Victoria,
    Since you’ve written about Tim Masters, I’d like to put you on the mailing list for announcements when the book comes out. Can’t find an email address. Hope you will get in touch.

    Best of all possible regards,
    Pat Hartman

  11. Dear Laura

    I am wondering if I am a libertarian, but I am not sure exactly what a libertarian is. Am I ?

    Also, what did you write about Tim Masters?

    thank you

    Kay Sieverding

    Kay Sieverding

  12. Hey Laura,

    I can’t believe the newly elected Secretary of State Scott Gessler thinks working for his previous law firm is not a conflict of interest. I have no problem with him working for a legal firm on the side as long as his government work is not impacted, but it just seems it is poor judgement that he’d consider working for a firm that specializes in elections and such, just the stuff he is responsible for managing. Also, he knew what this elected gig pays. What’s the incentive to work for the state at an elected position? Even if he has his sights (can I say that 😉 set on a gov or US senate seat some day, he has to understand how bad this looks, and will only start his government career with a cloud – we have enough “cloudy skies” in the CO Republican ranks already. Why didn’t he start his first day by changing the CO election rules by saying: “all presidential ballot entries must publicly, not just the Partys’ leaders, show proof of citizenship with the official hospital and government issued BIRTH CERTIFICATE (not a Cert of Live Birth or a newspaper snippet)”.

  13. Hi Laura, thank you for defending our civil liberties under the Constitution. I am urging Summit residents to vote NO on Hurlbert’s term-limit extension ballot question. I urge you to do everything possible to defeat the term-limit extension. Call everyone you know in the 5th District and tell them to vote NO on this ballot question { located on the back of mail ballot }. Hurlbert MUST GO!

  14. While I dont always agree with your commentary; your rational, structured arguments are what keeps me reading and challenges my own thoughts on various issues and subjects.

    You should write more.

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