Ali Hasan Launches Last Ditch Attack Ads Against JJ Ament on Radio; New Negative Website

Treasurer candidate Muhammed Ali Hasan has taken his penchant for negative campaigning

Muhammed Ali Hasan Launches New Negative Campaign

against a fellow Republican, party favorite JJ Ament,  to new depths with a radio blitz and a slick, and expensive attack website,  populistly titled,  This latest attack comes three days before the State Assembly in which delegates will vote on which candidates will make the August primary ballot.

The latest attack spews out more of the same discredited rhetoric against Ament, including his alleged “income” from CitiBank – an income that consists of a few bucks of interest on a checking account. It’s hard to blame Hasan for this type of campaigning – it’s not like he has any positives of his own to bring to the race.  Not only doesn’t he have any expertise in Economics or finance, he’s presented no evidence of even having taken freshman Economics in college.

Ludicrously, Hasan also calls Ament a “fiscal liberal,” and himself a “fiscal conservative.”  My take is that Hasan’s not a fiscal anything.  He’s a wannabe politician in search of an office-any office.  And he and his family will spend whatever of their wealth is necessary to gain it.  Hasan’s already spent more money than any Treasurer candidate in the history of Colorado, and has used at least $170,000 of his own money to do so.

It can’t be a coincidence either that this last-ditch desperate attack comes shortly after Ament’s devastating deconstruction of Hasan’s ignorance about the most basic concepts of public finance in a painstakingly composed “fact check” red pencil mark-up of Hasan’s “plan” to control all of Colorado’s money.  Update: I’ve mentioned before that the Dems would have a field day with Hasan, as they already have in the past.  The Colorado Independent just picked up the story, in their own inimitable fashion.  Better deep-six this guy now, than go down in flames in the general.

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