Dog Chews Off Cop Car Bumper in Puppycide Protest: Chattanooga Cops Cool in Funniest YouTube Video Ever

A pit bull-mix dog named Winston, apparently in protest over puppycides in Tennessee and elsewhere, chews the bumper of a Chattanooga Police car completely off. Since DAs never prosecute these puppycides, the dog took matters into his own paws–er, teeth in the funniest video ever.

The cops were cool, the judge humorless.  She’s one of the reasons we need term limits for judges.  After 10 years, they usually burn out from boredom.  As the dog’s owner commented on CNN, police have been “shooting dogs for a lot less.”  Here’s some raw police footage with more bumper chewing action.

We’ve written here before about the never-prosecuted crime of Puppycide.  The situation typically arises in no-knock raids where quasi-military squads rush into houses, usually over minor drug offenses or to serve misdemeanor warrants.  The routine practice is to shoot every dog in the house for “officer safety.”  As Radley Balko points out in links to the above article, officer safety would never be in jeopardy if they were simply to knock on the door and announce themselves when dealing with non-violent offenders or suspected offenders.  No-knock raids were intended for hostage situations, and barricades by violent suspects, and that’s what they should be reserved for in a constitutional republic.

Commerce City, Colo. police recently committed a completely unjustified puppycide incident, where police officials acted recklessly, and later arrogantly.

But hey, at least a clean head shot beats what Joe Arpaio’s lawless minions are up to in Maricopa County, Arizona.  There, in a raid that netted a guy with two misdemeanor traffic warrants, Arpaio’s SWAT goons burned down a house and crashed an armored personnel carrier (that would be a tank) into a parked vehicle on a residential street when the brakes apparently failed.

But that’s the least of it.  One SWAT sociopath saw a panicked puppy named Dre run from his burning home.  He thought it was funny and chased the puppy back into the burning building with blasts from a fire extinguisher.  The innocent puppy’s howls could be heard all over the block as Dre burned to death.  When the victim was crying and screaming as she unburied her dog from the ashes, this criminal with a badge told her to “shut the F### up”!  More on all of this is here and here.

Fortunately, this story will probably have a happy ending.  Arpaio and his enabling partner in crime, DA Andy Thomas, really overplayed their lawless and arrogant hand.  Instigating criminal prosecutions of:  two neighboring, conservative elected DAs; a respected Superior Court Judge; a newspaper editor; and the Maricopa County Manager and Budget director probably pushed the envelope.  Their crimes?  Publicly criticizing Arpaio.  Maricopa’s Mussolini is now the subject of a federal grand jury investigation and a likely lawsuit by Judge Gary Donahoe and others.

He probably won’t suffer the fate of his Italian role model, but he should wind up behind bars, out of office, and worst of all for the senile publicity-hound, off of Fox News.  Stay tuned here for much more details.

2 responses to “Dog Chews Off Cop Car Bumper in Puppycide Protest: Chattanooga Cops Cool in Funniest YouTube Video Ever

  1. Officer safety comes first for me. If you don’t want your dog to be killed, stay out of trouble.

  2. Don,
    The problem is that in many of the cases cited, the people involved did stay out of trouble and the cops were negligent. In the Calvo case in MD, the guy was the mayor of a small town and its undisputed he was guilty of nothing. A female officer as a joke, called her vet while in the home to make appointments for her own dogs.

    The only “trouble” the guy in Arizona got into was having two misdemeanor traffic warrants, and the cops went way overboard, and one was a sociopathic sadist.

    My point is that no-knock raids create a dangerous situation for all involved. Wrong-house raids are common. They should be reserved for what they were originally intended – barricade, hostage and similar situations.

    Cops are largely unionized and are very protected from public scrutiny. I just feel it’s more consistent as a conservative to treat them with as much scrutiny as any other government employees. They often have their own agendas and public safety and the appropriate enforcement of the laws is not always high on the list.

    And to assume the only people who come into contact with the police are criminals, is the same as suggesting anyone with hassles with the DMV is a scufflaw or with the IRS a tax evader, or who criticizes school teaching “anti-education.”

    Just think, if Ted Stevens had not been wrongfully and unethically prosecuted, the senate balance would be reversed and health care would likely not have passed.

    One of the reports I linked to was hardly from a bunch of leftists – it was from the Cato Institute.

    Keep reading, I’ll keep writing, and keep keeping me on my toes.

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